60 Days of Quarantine Shifts - Social Studies

60 Days of Quarantine Shifts

60 days on, the world continues to adapt to the new realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. Brands and consumers across the globe have been continuously altering their daily habits to adjust to the “new normal” of sheltering in place as the country figures out exactly how it will power on. 

When quarantine began in mid-March, the Social Studies team instantly began tracking how brands were responding and communicating with their loyal fan bases. We saw everything from ignoring the state of the world and wishful thinking to purpose-driven content that respected the gravity of the realities we collectively found ourselves in.

Brands are continuing to evolve their mindsets from initial response strategies to strategic marketing that hits home with audiences who are desperate to engage. These campaigns have begun scaling their reliance on influential voices for partnerships that encourage new routines rooted in self-care and joy, to public service announcements for the greater good.

🔎 Analysis of social posts from +3,000 Influencers Analyzed Through Social Studies’ Proprietary Technology

🗓 February 1 – Present Day

📸 +4,000 sponsored posts

🧪 Posts are broken up into 22 different vertical categories based on the brand sponsor 

🕑 Analysis of current biweekly period versus previous biweekly period

Download the full report to see the full scope of what we’ve analyzed over the past eight weeks.

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