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Our Services

Research & Strategy

Our Research and Brand Strategy teams work together to perform a holistic audit of your goals – including strengths, opportunities, and a competitive set analysis. Each strategy is fine-tuned to exceed your expectations, not only how success looks on paper, but also how it feels to have your mission come out on top.

Paid Media Strategy

Our Digital Marketing Team uses paid media tools on strategic platforms to take your influencer campaign to the next level.

Talent Negotiations

Go ahead, tell everyone that their people can talk to your people (a.k.a us). We manage the end-to-end logistics of onboarding content creators, from contracting and negotiation to a signed scope of work.

Onboarding & Launch

There’s a first time for everything, and we love being the first step in your influencer marketing program. Our team will identify a set of content creators that expand on your goals, dive deep into audience metrics and launch fast with your brand’s mission in the driver’s seat.

Paid Media Onboard & Launch

We work together on aligning your business goals, objectives, and budget with key platforms and advertising methods to ensure optimal results for your brand.

Program Management

Our team of Influencer Campaign Managers are an always-on resource throughout the life of your campaign, offering both support and strategic insight from launch to wrap. You can count on transparency and agility in executing fresh ideas along the way.

Campaign & Paid Media Optimizations

We are a human-first, tech agency with a dedicated team of creative minds and influencer analysts that are constantly on the pulse of your project – optimizing content, pivoting media spend and tracking results in real time so that your campaign is at the top of its class.

Wrap Reporting

Here’s a secret: the wrap report may be our favorite part of the process. Our Analytics team will round up your initial KPIs at launch, our creative campaign details and the real-life results from our partnership in a sweetly packaged, brand-friendly report that shows you what we have been singing from the rooftops of Madison Avenue all along – influencer marketing works, and we’re excited to win with you.

Industry Insight & Knowledge

They say, “if you stay ready, you never have to get ready,” and that’s exactly how we feel about our insight into the influencer industry. With nearly a decade of connecting, networking, analyzing and executing with top-tier influencers and esteemed brands, we have the intel it takes to make it happen, whatever ‘it’ might be.

Access to Best in Class Tech Stack

A custom-built tech stack is the backbone of our campaigns, and we geek out on the logistics so you don’t have to (yes, you can exhale.) Our best-in-class technology in the influencer space brings to life the tactics, measurements and success of each campaign with ultimate efficiency – so much so, that you might find yourself interested in the “numbers side” of the box – who knows.

Creative Briefs

‘Talent’ is our first language. Our creative briefs express everything you are looking to accomplish with your business, and offers the influencer creative license to produce content that is on-brand and authentic to their platform.

Asset Management

Our Influencer Management team handles the content produced by each influencer for a completely streamlined campaign, measuring against analytics and working with brand IP.

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