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Considering our commitment to market intelligence, we are passionate about collaborating with media and editorial partners to support the stories they tell. Harnessing our technology platform and proprietary database, we are able to glean unique insights, and share data surrounding consumer and market trends, newsworthy cultural moments, and the ebb and flow of public sentiment.


“We need to bridge the gap between advocacy and advertising. Where do we layer in technology with human oversight, and how do you create this idea of responsible and accountable influence? Let’s combine these things together to create what the standard is.”

“Influencer University Is Now A Thing”

“If you align with the right influencer or content creator, not only does that individual give your brand a level of legitimacy, but they also create unique pieces of content that a brand can use to tell a very compelling visual story.”

“Your Social Media Strategy Needs Micro-Influencers—Here’s Why”

“To see whether our current favorite IG discoveries were the work of algorithms or truly the next big thing, we reached out to Social Studies, a social media marketing agency that tracks and analyzes social content to see whose Instagram popularity is for real and the reasons why.” 

“5 Fashion Brands That Are Going to Be Huge…According to Instagram”

“The proof is in the numbers. On Friday alone, Lopez racked up 165,000 new followers on Instagram, and by the end of today she will likely add about 141,000 more, according to data from Social Studies — a New York-based research firm that specializes in social media monitoring and analysis and closely monitors industry trends and viral moments.”

“Here’s How Many New Instagram Followers J-Lo Got After She Walked Versace in her New Iconic Green Dress”
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