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The Future of Influencer Marketing

The Future of Influencer Marketing

Social media has been the most significant game-changer to the advertising industry in the last two decades.

New platforms continually rise up, relaunch, or reconstruct their algorithms. Users are connecting in new ways every single day.

While brands must adapt just as swiftly as technology and behavior evolve, one thing remains the same: Human connection always wins. Advertisers need to tap into authentic, trusted voices that consumers actually want to listen to.

Now more than ever, brands need to solve for a new breed of marketing with:

Always-on, multi-platform consumer touchpoints

Traditional advertising relied on flight-specific thematic campaigns. Current brands create consistent, frequent communication and platform-specific content for today’s perpetually scrolling audience.

Panera has partnered for 26 campaigns over the last 24 months, with 517 influencers and 800 pieces of content

On-brand, untapped talent and scalable content

Users have celebrity fatigue. While they have a place in the funnel, their offerings are limited. Discovering and showcasing an army of aligned influencers exponentially amplifies a brand’s message and creates a deep well of multi-purpose assets.

The JackPack program—made up of 20 influencers—produced more than 40 pieces of content on varied platforms, ranging from Instagram and Twitch to YouTube.

Authentic and long-lasting ambassador partnerships

One post doesn’t convert a user. Even a handful don’t. Watching a content creator and a brand build and share a relationship over a months-long period of time demonstrates authenticity and creates the space for true ambassadorship. 

A three-month Nutrafol campaign resulted in steady engagement growth MoM, voluntary attendance at an NYC event, and successful investment for both client and influencers

Social Studies is a New York based influencer marketing agency and technology platform empowering the next-generation of digital marketers with the intelligence necessary to transform branded communication.

We are not a marketplace. We are not your typical agency. We are pushing the boundaries of the space, redefining influence, and evolving the industry. 

Social Studies consistently powers strategic influencer programs for clients such as Rent The Runway, Panera Bread, SoulCycle, VMLY&R, Huge, Nutrafol, Klarna, Zelle, Outdoor Voices, Jack in the Box and Office Depot.

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