Guest Editor: Iliza Shlesinger x The Gramlist - Social Studies

Guest Editor: Iliza Shlesinger x The Gramlist

We caught up with one of our favorite comedians, Iliza Shlesinger, to get a sense of her Instagram habits. Seriously, if you haven’t seen her live you must check her out (she is performing at the NY Comedy Festival November 13th). See the rest of her schedule here and definitely watch her Netflix special “Freezing Hot.” 

My schedule is hectic and never ending.  Meetings, late night sets, production schedules and gym visits are just my home life- the rest of my time is spent  performing, working out and of course, tons and tons of traveling. I use Instagram for everything from inspiration, relaxation and just when I’m bored on the toilet. So here are a couple of Instagram accounts I follow that help make my busy life a little bit more… Instagrammy?

When I wanna just scroll and see pretty things:

When I want motivation:

When I travel:

When I wanna Laugh:

Cool random ones:

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