RIMOWA'S First-Ever TikTok Campaign Goes Viral With Gen-Z | Social Studies
RIMOWA’S First-Ever TikTok Campaign Goes Viral With Gen-Z

RIMOWA’S First-Ever TikTok Campaign Goes Viral With Gen-Z

The RIMOWA Neon Collection

For more than a century, RIMOWA has been synonymous with iconic design. Yet despite its legacy, awareness for the brand remains limited amongst the modern young-traveler. When RIMOWA launched Neon – a limited-edition, online-only collection of suitcases and accessories in a transparent polycarbonate material – it did so with the intention reaching the young, trend-conscious consumer with a campaign positioning Neon as the must-have travel companion for the next-generation global citizen. 

A Gen Z Tailor-Made Campaign Strategy

RIMOWA partnered with Social Studies to develop a TikTok campaign strategy that would cultivate a global network of fashion-oriented influencers and attract attention from the set target audience by positioning RIMOWA Neon as an essential travel accessory for the young and fashionable. In the longer term, the luxury brand hoped the campaign would not only increase its reach with the target audience but to help build long-lasting and impactful relationships with this next generation of global and ambitious travelers. 

Social Studies activated 6 Gen Z influencers based in the geographical locations that RIMOWA identified as areas to increase reach and awareness: UK, US, France, Germany and South Korea. Each influencer was provided a RIMOWA Neon limited-edition suitcase and given total freedom to create their own authentic, high-frequency branded content. “Tapping influencer partners – that understood the platform’s nuances” and giving them ‘full creative control’ by encouraging them to create content that showcased their aesthetic and unique point of view proved to be effective in increasing RIMOWA’s presence and overall reach on the platform. 

The Numbers & Press

Relinquishing creative control proved effective – with a total combined organic and paid impressions reaching 55.7M on TikTok, 1351 times higher than originally scoped by Social Studies. 

Additionally, 3 of the activated influencers re-posted their TikTok content to Instagram Reels with no additional cost to RIMOWA, organically hitting 54K+ engagements, 505K+ impressions, 390K+ reach and delivering a 13% average engagement. 

Due to the surpassing set KPIs, over-performance metrics, and pushing the boundaries of traditional social media marketing within the luxury space, the RIMOWA Neon TikTok campaign was cited as a case study in Business of Fashion’s Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing published in February 2022.

For RIMOWA, such high levels of engagement and reach have enabled the start of a conversation with the next generation global citizen. This is only the beginning.

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