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The Future According to Us

As the year came to a close our feeds were flooded with a slew of top photos from the year. We took it one step further to examine the Instagram accounts of 9 digitally savvy brands to predict what’s in store for the platform.

  • 📱 All Bets on Mobile: Unfiltered content captured directly from a mobile phone is preferred by this discerning community. Don’t believe us? The engagement rates don’t lie. Overly produced studio shots will soon be a thing of the past.
  • 🎥 Make it Move: Video is on the rise in a big way. Even-though IGTV has not been a breakout success, ‘Stories’ have not only stolen Snapchat’s thunder, but have quickly become the preferred method of posting.
  • 📝 Write it All Down: It is no longer necessary for captions to be abbreviated and quippy. Audiences are used to spending more time on posts and reading through longer captions.
  • 👊🏼 Be Real: User generated content is no longer as critically censored as it was before. We want transparency and diversity from brands and outlets alike so all voices are relevant.
  • 👫 Keep it Tight: From macro to micro and now nano, influencers come in all sizes (as we’ve been saying for years). As Instagram launches features that reach ‘close friends’ to further distill audiences, we will see even more tools that to cater to such a need.

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