FAQ - Social Studies


Who is The Gramlist, anyway?

First things first: we’re actual humans, not robots—a group of creatives, editors, writers, designers, startup folk and consultants with a deep love for discovering and celebrating an untapped talent pool.

We’ve got our ears to the street and eyes on the feed, unearthing the best kept secrets on social.

We’re dedicated to connecting brands to the next wave of influence on Instagram.

What makes an influencer feel valuable to you?

  • Highest growth and engagement in any given category.
  • Authentic voice and style that feels wholly original.
  • Visual storyteller that evokes a mood and champions a lifestyle.
  • Beautiful curated images.
  • Consistent and frequent posts.
  • It’s a window, not a mirror.

How do you make your custom lists?

We log serious time in the Instagram rabbit hole, hand-selecting the most interesting influencers across all key categories. Then, we carefully monitor all of the accounts we work with for weeks at a time, studying their growth, posting styles, and most importantly — engagement with their audience. We won’t bore you with the details (unless you want them), but we use some nifty data tools that ensure each influencer is up to snuff.

Can I submit an Instagram user (or myself) for a list?

Of course. Click here.

I’m interested, what does it all cost?

We offer a suite of solutions tailored to your brand goals. Our core offerings include custom lists, strategy, influencer outreach & activation, content creation and our monthly insight newsletter, Gramlist50. Pricing depends on the deliverable, but we are happy to provide you a quote; either by email, phone or over some coffee at our offices.

Send inquiries to: [email protected]

Is The Gramlist only focused on instagram?

Just as we are focused on emerging influencers, we are also focused on emerging platforms. Our core focus is instagram and snapchat, and our expertise goes deep into the social web. We are happy to speak to you about any social-first talent need. Where there’s a feed, we’ve got your back.

Can I view older editorial lists?

Yes. Subscribe to our archive here.

What social platforms do you use?

Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook.

What is influence, and where is it found?

Influence is the ability to shape thoughts, feelings and decisions. You can’t find it on a billboard, or even in a glossy magazine. True influence is hidden from plain sight, while affecting the cultural zeitgeist at large. The Gramlist does not define true Influence by vanity metrics (likes, shares, pins, tweets, etc…). The tastemakers of tomorrow are a distinct talent pool using social to share, connect and inspire, daily. Instead of focusing on celebrity influencers with agents and pet tigers, we’re zeroed in on micro-influencers with high engagement and an authentic voice.

These are the cool kids on the block you wish you knew.

By focusing on micro-influencers we’re able to find influencers who can shape perceptions and influencer behavior on a niche level. We are able to identify the people who have the greatest potential to celebrate your brand by driving awareness to spike engagement.