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4 Trainers We’d Wake Up For

4 Trainers We’d Wake Up For

We are in agreement that a silver lining to the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic was the ability to get a sweaty workout at home thanks to the rise of the fitness influencer… And since working out at home continued to trend post-pandemic, we’ve picked out a few of our favorite digital trainers who will upgrade your fitness routine – without having to return to the gym.


Lia’s voice is soothing and peaceful but make no mistake her B The Method workouts will absolutely kick your *ss. We love how Lia focuses on breathwork while helping us carve out some incredible abs. We added this workout to our Sunday morning routine and it has legitimately changed our life!


If your have ever wondered who keeps Khloe Kardashian in incredible shape – look no further. After seeing Coach Joe all over our favorite celebrities’ IG stories, we are confident he knows how to get the results we are looking for.


Kelly Cole’s signature ‘time under tension’ workouts which can be found on her website are famously known to deliver results. The mom of two knows how hard it can be to get back into shape postpartum which makes her the perfect trainer to follow if you are an expecting mom or just trying to kick start your health and fitness journey. She also trains some of our favorite NYC influencers like @officialellarose.


Alo Wellness Club in NYC is the new Dogpound (circa 2017) when it comes to training our favorite celebrities and influencers alike. We cannot get enough of Kyle Hoffman, who is a trainer at the studio; we love to use his intense ab workouts to get ready for bikini season.

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