IG Accounts That Feel Like Tumblr
IG Accounts That Feel Like Tumblr

IG Accounts That Feel Like Tumblr

Let’s set the scene: it’s 2010, and you’ve spent the last hour… ok, three hours, glued to your laptop with the lights out and Lana Del Rey blasting in the background. You have the engagement and enthusiasm of a movie patron, but in fact are scrolling on a pseudo-blog site called ‘Tumblr’. If you’re a millennial identifying with this nostalgic snapshot of manic re-posting, baby tees and vintage Kate Moss x Johnny Depp film, then you are in for a modern treat: read more for the Instagram accounts that feel like Tumblr, below. 


Whether you’re a 90s baby (it’s me, hi, I’m the problem) or not – you will absolutely LOVE the vibes on James Abraham’s account, 90sAnxiety. The account has amassed over 2 million followers who are also fans of 90s paraphernalia, vintage Hollywood content (like, Paris Hilton vintage – not Liz Taylor vintage) and more memories from our sweet and sour past. Definitely worth a follow, if you’re into the Tumblr aesthetic.


The Thick is an intimate account for all of our post-Tumblr dreams – think Studio 54, Rock n’ Roll, and classic magazine pages that have us reeling for the days when we actually did subscribe to hold-in-your-hands content. The cool feature about The Thick too, is how the curator brings in relevant news and culture through its “The Thick Questionnaire”modeled after the infamous Marcel Proust quiz. 10/10 Tumblr vibes, if you ask us.


As the handle suggests, this IG profile features imagery we’ve yet to see of the 20s through the 90s… but not beyond. Movie scenes in black and white, authentic news clippings and a whole lot of Salma Hayek, whom through our Tumblr-adjacent research seems to be a celeb favorite from grunge-chic past. Keep scrolling for a history lesson that is both enriching and aesthetically pleasing. 


Cher! Stevie Nicks! Yoko Ono! Debbie Harry! I mean, the list of 70s super babes goes on and on – and this IG account captures them all. If you’re a fan of rock legends, Woodstock scenery and the celebrity icons that crafted the late 1900s, early aughts and still make their mark today, be sure to follow The 70z. 


The Gen-Z obsessed pop-culture fan page, Y2K2006 is as addicting as Lip Smackers and a Avril Lavigne were in our prime youth. The social upheaval from an era of Jersey Shore, The Simple Life, and Disney pop-stars all grown up was one thing to experience in print and on Tumblr – but taking it to insta is a whole new way to bring back the early aughts, and a sweet break in our insta content stream. You’ll be saying to yourself “Ohhh yeah, I remember that happening!” over and over again. 


Haylie Mueller may seem like a Tumblr micro-blogger from the early 2000s with her grainy vintage aesthetic and Coquette style, but the founder of Dazed Intentions is taking the nostalgic micro-blog and grunge Hollywood look to the next level through her feed. We love this account for iconic movie scenes and subtitles – which are SO Tumblr, if you think about where the trend was even born – as well as a healthy dose of Drew Barrymore, the Olsen twins and Amanda Bynes before they all entered their ‘adulting’ era. 

Each of these Tumblr-infused IG accounts have us thumb-stopping and commenting at every chance we get. There’s just something about blogger nostalgia that makes us want to turn on Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff, dip a Dunkaroo and test, just one more time, if we’re still logged into Tumblr after all these years. Hey, a 00s’ micro-blogger can dream. 

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