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5 Brands Disrupting the DTC Space

5 Brands Disrupting the DTC Space

We are undoubtedly living in the era of direct-to-consumer royalty. Anything and everything you want, can be delivered at your doorstep, no middleman (a.k.a. department store retailer) necessary. Looking to buy skincare? It’s on its way. Luggage courtesy of @away, a last-minute-outfit via @revolve, or even an emergency mattress from @casper has you covered. Check out the latest in new and emerging DTC brands below – from our feed, to our doorstep.

Third Love

Kate Moss and the 90s Supers look – a defined era of heroin chic in the fashion world – had its moment. Today, in the fashion industry with a particular focus on lingerie, brands look to celebrate women’s bodies of every type #bless. At Third Love, the brand’s ethos built in women empowerment and supportive undergarments serve as a pioneer on social for body positivity and inclusivity. What was once a category reserved for Victoria’s Secret in the 43.2 (and rising) billion dollar industry, has since evolved in the DTC space where women can purchase a comfortable bra from the comfort of her own home. Seems genius, and we can thank Third Love for that.

Daily GEM

The team at GEM is creating a whole new way to health yourself – and we couldn’t be more into this DTC subscription. Female-founded, plant-based, and No B.S. – we love the GEM uses social to communicate with its audience and create a transparent environment about supplements, which we oftentimes take without knowing the root of why or how it’s made.

GEM is retiring the concept of a daily vitamin, and instead introducing the idea of a daily ‘bite’ – tasty, quick and full of nutrients that the brand designed for daily nutrition and better sleep. Its millennial-appealing subscription service makes it convenient to stay on track of your health goals, and keeps you on board as a high-valued customer at the brand. Cheers to one bite and a better you.


If graduating from Harvard isn’t impressive enough, how about launching your own period care brand? Well, Nadya Okamoto did just that. The co-founder of August, sustainable-chic period care designed for the likes of Gen-Z and author of Period Power is disrupting the way we look at period products… period.

From the brand’s pop-art colors and inclusive community vibes on Instagram and TikTok, its no wonder that they not only sell pads and tampons, but an August-centric merch line, too. Gone are the days where you see a generic ad for tampons in a meadow, and welcome the days where August and its team are showcasing its products and their quality on social – mixed with a taboo-smashing approach to the menstruation conversation. END SCENE.


In our working title, ‘Not Your Mother’s FitBit’, the Oura ring is a fresh take on health analytics and fitness wearable combined. First, it’s a ring – not to be confused with a chunky bracelet, or impractical watch for comfortable movement or sleep. Second, its results are focused on the most important (yet, dismissed) aspect of health itself – sleep!

The self-care practice that may not be as sexy as say, heart rate and calories burned, is actually the foundational pillar for overall wellness. In addition to shaking up the fitness tracking space, Oura has also identified key athletes and influencers as its ambassador fans: from NFL star OBJ, to health-conscious celebs like Prince Harry, Jennifer Aniston and Marianna Hewitt – Oura has taken the reigns in sleep care as self care, and they’re just getting started.


The false-eyelash brand and brain-child of former J.Crew CEO Jenna Lyons, has been making waves in LA vanities and red carpets alike. Needless to say, the branding is off the charts – with a cool girl-meets-lifelong BFF aesthetic, we are obsessed with everything the product has to offer, such as a lash for every occasion. The site itself reads, “ We make lashes to wear on big days, like Tuesdays. We love a natural look, but we’re not mad at a full beat. We’re an equal opportunity lash provider.” With inclusivity, experimentation, and beauty of all shapes and sizes at the brand’s core – its no surprise that Allure’s Best of Beauty winner Love Seen is well loved by Jada Pinkett Smith, Jessica Chastain, Kelly Clarkson – and more.

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