9 Best Food Influencers to Follow for Tasty Food Guides
9 Best Food Influencers to Follow for Tasty Food Guides

9 Best Food Influencers to Follow for Tasty Food Guides

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were at home, curled up with our phones, furiously seeking banana bread recipes on the internet. Although some baking fads come and go, our desire to discover new recipes and fun food trends on social media has remained – and lucky for us, the foodie creators of today have taken to Instagram and TikTok to be our guides on the latest and most delicious recipes in the book. Scroll down and drool on.


Claire’s kitschy-cute TikTok aesthetic has us hooked on…to our surprise…condiments. Labeled the ‘Condiment Queen’ by her friends on social media, and featured in publications for her expertise in everything from pancake condiments to potato toppings – Claire’s feed will take you through her favorite travels and seasonings. You won’t be bored. 


Neda Varbanova is an OG in the “tasty food guide” space – except with her cuisine, you can expect it to be not only aesthetically pleasing and yummy, but also good for you, too. The celebrity holistic nutritionist has been developing recipes and sharing her favorite meals for years, inspiring us to focus on the importance of plants, and a smile, while cooking.


If you’re an NYC native, you are sure to have crossed paths with Jeremy Jacobowitz. A.K.A, Brunch Boy. Perhaps you haven’t been behind him in line for a fresh bagel or met him on a quest toward Tokyo-Style pizza, but you likely have come across his content featuring innovative and trend-worthy food throughout the ‘gram. Prepare to be entertained (and hungry for more).


Sydney Yorkshire is the tasteful mastermind behind her drool-worthy insta, and also @egg.salad.sando company. The LA-based creator and sandwich entrepreneur is an expert in social media and food – which is easy to see as you scroll through her restaurant travel destinations, favorite recipes, and the many ways to eat a cheeseburger.


When you combine food, travel, and hospitality, you have a recipe for success – prevalent throughout Ben Hon’s insta page. The Zagat-rated ‘Top Food Instagrammer’ has lived up to expectations, taking us through luxury dining experiences with high-quality food photography and order details. It’s hard to choose between the plethora of noodle inspo and unique seafood dishes. I guess we’ll take both.


Ok, we’ll admit it. Alexa Matthews of ‘EatingNYC’ has our dream job. The restaurant consultant by day, content creator by night, and 24/7 mother of adorable son Teddy, gives us all the NYC food and lifestyle content we need. From #RecipeRemakes of our favorite New York eateries to popular restaurant orders we are dying to try, Alexa inspires us to explore our own city, and have fun in the kitchen.


If a London trip is in your future, you absolutely must follow Ed T. The UK-based food blogger takes to instagram to show us a celebrated lifestyle of eating, drinking and snapping pics throughout the city. Whether it be street food or fine dining, Ed’s selections are mouth-watering inspo to head across the pond and order anything other than a tea biscuit. 


Foodie-content creator Danielle who deems herself ‘Chief Eating Officer’ on IG, has the perfect feed for restaurant guides, food parodies and fitness inspo. The LA-based entrepreneur has been featured in TimeOut mag, and her passion for music, food and joy has been felt all over the city, and on social.


Evi Aki is a digital creator with an eye for the finer things in life – from recipes to lifestyle adventures. She is also an author of a cookbook called ‘Flavors of Africa,’ taking her readers through a journey of authentic taste, culture and family favorites from all over the continent. It’s only natural that we’re obsessed with her recommendations and fashion-forward aesthetic.

Food influence is everywhere – but these days, it’s less search and more scroll to discover the best spots for a reservation, what to order when you get there, and the lifestyle inspo that accompanies spending time with friends and family around food. The next time you find yourself globe-trotting or exploring your own city, lean on these content creators for all the foodie tips your eyes can feast.

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