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Birchbox: Integrating Micro-Influencers + Paid Media To Drive Positive ROI

From October to December 2019, Social Studies Inc. and original beauty disrupter, Birchbox partnered to rethink, reimagine, and modernize the brand’s approach to self-care storytelling. To do this, Social Studies Inc. utilized Birchbox’s consumer affinities in their discovery and insights platform. Understanding these data points further informed the talent research process and ensured that Birchbox’s “Love, You” campaign reached new audiences. By forging relationships with previously untapped of diverse communities individuals and allowing talent to create personal, non-scripted calls-to-action. From the images to the customized subscription page, the campaign was an astounding success.

Birchbox Influencer Campaign Results:

  • 61% conversion rate 
  • 19 Instagram in-feed + 56 Instagram Story posts
  • 54% of comments praised the micro-influencers content and campaign participation 
  • CPA outperformed client KPI goal by 57% (conversion KPI was email capture)
  • Brand sentiment during the campaign was highly positive at 86%

In order to drive this positive ROI and push the boundaries for the brand, Social Studies, Inc. worked closely with the social media and performance marketing teams to create a hyper-targeted micro-influencer content strategy focused on evolving fresh messaging from a brand at the cutting edge of the beauty and performance marketing space.

During the 3 month partnership, Social Studies recruited 19 influencers, inclusive of a variety of cultural, sexual, age, and gender identities, who shared their personal self-care/self-love process with Birchbox by writing their own love letters to themselves.  We analyzed best-performing organic partners for engagement and sentiment, and selected assets to scale with paid amplification.

Rather than focusing on the Birchbox products and offerings, the influencer campaign emphasized raw expressions of vulnerability, emotion, and self-reflection resulting in deeply personal and poignant posts that drove high engagement and meaningful dialogues with the influencers’ audiences and larger communities.

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