Brilliant Travel Marketing Campaign Success for AmiGo App
Brilliant Travel Marketing Campaign Success for AmiGo App

Brilliant Travel Marketing Campaign Success for AmiGo App

AmiGo’s Launch Influencer Campaign

AmiGo is an invite-only mobile app designed to simplify the travel experience. Created for the avid traveler and local tastemaker, AmiGo users can share and discover recommendations for hotels, restaurants and more with trusted people within their app-using network: friends, family and influencers. To support the soft launch of the app, AmiGo engaged Social Studies to activate 8 lifestyle influencers to create buzzworthy Instagram story content with the intention of building brand awareness, showcasing app features, generating excitement, and driving early app downloads and sign ups. 

An Authentic Approach to Creative Strategy

With a primary goal of the campaign being actual app downloads, Social Studies was very conscious to ensure that the campaign’s influencers were reaching the target audience and in a way that drove conversions. 8 creators were asked to post 3-frame Instagram story sequences twice to their Instagram along with 10-20 in-app posts to their AmiGo profile across 1-5 different destinations.  All in-app content was to go live prior to the AmiGo app launch, with the first story series going live around launch day and the second series to go live within the first week of launch. 

Creators were briefed to discuss and share about the app in a way that conveyed its exclusivity as an invite-only app, an approach which helped spark a proven interest and curiosity within their followings. The creators also emphasized the invite-only aspect of the app, offering a limited number of waitlist-free invites available which helped increase the amount of people who utilized the story ‘swipe up’ feature to redeem their invite codes. With over 1,041 people downloading the app to their device, each influencer was assigned a unique invite code which allowed Social Studies to track top performers; two of which were reactivated for a second round of the campaign.

By activating creators that authentically embodied the AmiGo brand, the influencer campaign proved effective in creating a large desire among the target audiences, driving over 1,041 app downloads and exceeding the impression goal of 90,000 with a total of 350,404.

Key Results & Awards

The influencer campaign achieved success in driving 1,041 app downloads and delivering 217 high quality and impactful assets thanks to a diverse creator strategy that activated 2 macro influencers, 4 micro influencers and 2 nano influencers. The program exceeded the impression goal of 90,000 by an astounding 390% with 350,329 total impressions and reported an average story engagement rate of 2.74% which is 18x higher than the industry benchmark of 0.15%.

In May of 2022 Influencer Marketing Awards named the AmiGo Launch Campaign a finalist as Best Travel Campaign.

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