Halloween Costume Ideas 2022, Celebrity Edition
Halloween Costume Ideas 2022, Celebrity Edition

Halloween Costume Ideas 2022, Celebrity Edition

Well, well, well. If it isn’t our favorite time of year, #spookyszn. There’s just something about a Hot Girl Walk with crunchy leaves under your boots, the aroma of pumpkin spice lattes (don’t @ us) and fall festivities like apple picking, vineyard hopping and nights in cooking with family and friends that really sets the tone. That is, until Hallo-Weekend arrives, where we find ourselves in full fall form: our Halloween Costume. Consider this your sign to get ahead of the game, the lines and the internet back-orders and read our list for costume inspo where it’s all treats, no tricks.

1. Florence Pugh

The Don’t Worry Darling star served us the hottest Halloween look inspo when she  arrived in Italy looking positive, poised, and PURPLE after skipping out on a media conference. The glossy bandeau and short set courtesy of Valentino has inspired us to complete the look ourselves just as Florence Pugh would have done – shades on, and Aperol spritz in hand. The vibe is very 21st century Holly Golightly, wouldn’t you say?

2. Julia Fox

Perhaps what we love about this Julia Fox inspired Halloween Costume is that the original is a DIY creation by the actress herself, video tutorial and step-by-step instructions included. We love this look, as it’s a fresh take on the Brittany Spears & Justin Timberlake twinning “denim tux” that took over Halloween throughout the early aughts. Yet, this look requires much less material, and apparently less time. Grab what you’ve got, a pair of scissors and channel your inner Fox.

3. Kim Kardashian a la Met Gala

Ah, the dress controversy heard ‘round the world. Whether you err on the side of “she should NOT have touched Marilyn Monroe’s iconic gown” or “Kim is literally Old Hollywood 2.0”, it is undeniable that our favorite lawyer sported an iconic look for years to come – sparkles, glam, and a slicked back bun that we will be replicating on our own red carpet (read: the sidewalk before the Halloween party). 

4. Pete Davidson

Speaking of Kim, let’s take a moment for Pete, and all of the inspirational grunge-boy looks he has given us to work with for this year’s Halloween costume. If you’re curious where to start with Hollywood’s boyfriend, may we suggest a neon backwards cap, oversized graphic tee, a beanie (duh) and pants low enough to make your aunt do a double take on Facebook? Oh, and a cheeky temp tattoo wouldn’t hurt, either.

5. Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling

I mean, need we say more? The real-life component to “Barbiecore” is the epitome of thinking PINK this Halloween. With blonde bombshell Margot Robbie as Barbie and a whole new reason to love Ryan Gosling as Ken, best believe we’ll be sending our significant other (and our besties) the links to complete this fun burst of nostalgia from head-to-toe.

6. Beyoncé

Sure, there’s only one Beyoncé – but in her Renaissance era, we’re feeling all of Bey’s vibes, and are inspired to create the looks that she expresses throughout the album and on the dance floor. Think: dreamy, silver disco inspired confidence like the album’s cover shot exudes, and ‘Break My Soul’ as your soundtrack on Halloween night. 

7. Bridgeton. Anyone, really.

The Netflix hit continues to inspire fashion trends year round, but we’re especially intrigued by Bridgerton’s cast when brewing our Halloween costume ideas with the whole group chat. The style throughout the show is romantic, soft and sexy – aka perfect for a Halloween costume IRL. We’ll be sifting through high-end house dresses, over the top hair accessories, dazzling jewelry and long, luxurious gloves up to our elbows.

8. Euphoria’s Maddy

Candidly, we have been *desperate* to find an excuse to emulate all-things Maddy from the cult favorite Hulu series, Euphoria for months now. While it’s true that all of the show’s characters have a unique style of their own, Maddy is the one to “dress to impress” as they say, featuring a Y2K moment in every episode. From bodycon dresses and mini-skirts and crops, to loud accessories and low-rise metallic bottoms – Maddy’s closet is quite literally, out of this world, and we’re here for it. Particularly on October 31st. 

Finally, a reason to get all dressed up with somewhere to go. Whether you are hosting a spooky soiree yourself, or headed to a costume party in 2022, this roundup of culturally tapped in and celeb-inspired looks are fun to create on your own for Halloween, and just maybe, our weekend wardrobe. 

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