Surprising TikTok Songs That We Can't Get Out of Our Heads
Surprising TikTok Songs That We Can’t Get Out of Our Heads

Surprising TikTok Songs That We Can’t Get Out of Our Heads

In today’s market, there is no such thing as rent-free – except when discussing the songs that glide by in our heads 24/7, thanks to TikTok. The original music-centric platform (#TBT still serves its audience as a music discovery app, embedded in the short-form video content we have all come to obsess over. Today, we take you through the songs that have us on replay, much to our surprise (and likely not to TikTok’s). Let’s tune in:

Musician Leah Kate standing in front of a background of black and red words painted on a wall.

10 Things I Hate About You

The ex-boyfriend anthem we never knew we needed, by Leah Kate. Funny enough, the way we’ve seen it climb in popularity on TikTok is through video concepts by top-tier influencers (think Charlie D’Amelio, Sebastien, Bella Poarch, etc.) featuring their favorite things they LOVE. And hate, for good measure. Either way, it’s stuck in our heads. 

Animated Disney characters Dolores Madrigal and Mirabel Madrigal dancing in a scene from the movie 'Encanto.'

We Don’t Talk About Bruno

Don’t get this Disney-movie hit twisted – it’s a trend worthy song on the ‘tok, and in our everyday playlist. The song is known on the platform for hot topics that people, well.. don’t want to discuss. His plaid bed sheets are a prime example. Yikes!

Artist Yung Gravy sitting in a leather chair with one leg crossed.


If you’re scrolling on TikTok, you surely have come across the #HotMomma trend going crazy, featuring app users and their hot moms, all in the name of the song’s artist, Yung Gravy. With a huge audience on both TikTok and Instagram, followers have engaged the songwriter in a game with the app’s green screen and texts with their moms. Funny, and fun – check it out. 

Characters from the children's show 'Backyardigans' smiling.


Remember the song featured in the children’s show Backyardigans, playing faintly in the background of your childhood living room? If you don’t, take one scroll on TikTok and you will. The song has gained popularity in many lighthearted “adulting” theme content, and has a kid-friendly catchy tune that has us singing “Castaways” in the shower. Sigh. 

The words "3AM I'M IN THE HOTEL" overlayed on a mountainous background with violet sky.


This catchy tune has been trending on TikTok for its hot-topic explicit chorus, but also for the variety of ways it has been used in content on the app. From a popular, funny green screen filter accompanied by content with its lyrics, to a trend where users pretend that the song was written about them by an ex-partner to their parents, it has a light-hearted and radio-esque feel. 

Red words on a background of an empty theater reading "Doja Cat in 'Vegas'"


We simply LOVE Doja Cat’s hit single, Vegas, released this year as a part of the soundtrack in the Elvis movie, and skyrocketing on social through fun TikTok trends that make us feel like our #girlboss selves between the screen. 

Artist Lizzo singing in a hallway wearing a sequined blue outfit.

About Damn Time

“It’s bad bitch o’clock, yeah, it’s thick thirty” very literally lives rent-free in our heads. The opening line, and verses thereafter in Lizzo’s top chart “About Damn Time” has us feeling all the ways, and is especially taking off on TikTok with its viral dance, that Lizzo even performed live this year!

Journalist Louis Theroux

Jiggle Jiggle

Another crowd pleaser in 2022 was the hilarious hit tune that originated in the UK by journalist Louis Theroux over 20 years ago, and was reinvented by DJs Duke & Jones for the viral sensation we see and hear today. We love the content that has transpired from the catchy verse, featuring a TikTok dance that every celebrity, influencer and friend of ours has attempted – with Jimmy Fallon & Shakira’s rendition being our fave.

Material Girl

As the name suggests, this song has inspired TikTok to show off their material goods, and showcase affluent experiences – leaving us inspired, admired, and also tired of hearing the auto-tone tune on a daily basis LOL. But here we are, still surprised we can’t get it out of our minds.

Character Max from show 'Stranger Things' running in terror in front of a desolate red-lit background scene.

Running Up That Hill

The Stranger Things anthem by Kate Bush is on repeat in our head, and we’re not mad about it. We love the artist’s Florence & the Machine energy, and how the song has really encouraged creators to share positive and grateful experiences. 

Needless to say, if you haven’t heard these songs yet and found yourself diving into the TikTok search engine, we’re sorry in advance – these tunes do not tread lightly. Enjoy the fun, whimsical and top-chart songs that have surprised us by sticking around our mindset, and have proven themselves trend worthy on TikTok, and beyond.

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