Vegan Ice Cream Brands That Make Us Forget Dairy Exists
Moo Who? Vegan Ice Cream Brands That Make Us Forget Dairy Exists

Moo Who? Vegan Ice Cream Brands That Make Us Forget Dairy Exists

Let’s be honest – our relationship with dairy is… complicated. We love Friday night ice cream dates and know a five-star charcuterie board when we see one. But at the end of the day, we don’t love the effects dairy products have on our skin and digestion. Whether you follow a vegan diet or are simply looking to cut back on anything cow, we’ve rounded up the top vegan ice cream brands that you can buy at the store right now, ready for a dairy-free, cruelty-free night in watching Housewives whenever you are. 

So Delicious

The iconic brand in dairy-free living, So Delicious carries a line of alternative ice creams that taste *just* like the real thing. We love the coconut milk base for an extra tropical flavor, and you can’t go wrong with Snickernoodle, Chocolate Hazelnut, or our personal fave, Mint Chip. It’s also nice to see that this brand carries a similar line of dairy-free yogurt in a variety of flavors, for when your mind wants ice cream but your body wants “health”. 


This ‘Planet-Friendly’ ice cream is a top pick for Austin, Texas residents (and nationwide). The creamy coconut milk ice cream is organic, and considered a Certified B Corporation, which seals the brand’s sustainability mission in the food space. Flavors also include no-sugar-added options, too!

Doozy Pots

We love the fun, plant-based brand ‘Doozy Pots’ on social, and in our freezer. The dairy-free gelato is crafted with oat and hemp milk for an authentically creamy texture. I mean, we’ve all been there with the icy-freezer burn-esque options that look like ice cream on the outside, and taste nothing like it on the inside. This isn’t one those brands 😉

Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa had us at their tropical branding and fun, nostalgic flavors – but what made the cut for this list, is their Macadamia Milk-based treats. With a tagline like #PowerYourParadise on Insta, we can’t help but feel like we’re doing our bodies (and the planet) a sweet favor by indulging in pints like Big Island Mac Nut for a chocolate fix, or the brand’s Keto option, Mighty Mac Nut. 

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Iconic ice cream pint shop, Van Leeuwen, has been a crowd favorite for decades. What brought it to the top of the charts, though, was the brand’s quick pivot to include dairy-free options years ahead of their competitors, lining our freezer shelves with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Brownie, and its latest seasonal delight, Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll. Order now, thank us later.

Wicked Kitchen

The TLDR on vegan food company Wicked Kitchen, is that it shares vegan cuisine to those who otherwise would never be interested in vegan cuisine. Whether it be an ethical choice or a dietary guideline, Wicked Kitchen believes whatever meat can do, vegan can do better – and they’ve proven it with their delicious, dairy-free ice cream line derived from the underrated superfood, Lupini Beans. Ya, we had to look that up to – and we can’t wait to grab a spoon. 

JD’s Vegan

All-natural, dairy-free frozen dessert made by artist and entrepreneur @jermainedupri has us hooked on alternative ice cream products. Scroll the brand’s minimalistic yet drool-worthy IG feed for a peek at the unconventional flavors they have to offer, like Apple Butter and Welcome to Atlanta, Peach Cobbler. We’ll take a scoop of each, please.

Forager Project

You may recognize vegan food brand Forager from its extensive line of alternative milks and yogurts, but Forager can do the dessert aisle just as well. With classic flavors like Vanilla, Bittersweet Chocolate and Strawberry Shortcake on its roster, and an organic Cashew milk base – we expect the same high-quality taste and ingredients that Forager is known for at the store, and in our kitchens. 


Last but not least, the non-dairy dessert of our dreams: Oatly. We would never pick favorites, because that just wouldn’t be fair. But there is something about the oat milk pioneer’s pink strawberry pint that makes us wonder how bad it would be if we did. From the brand’s premium flavors and texture to its earth-first sustainability mission, this is a treat we can get behind, bite by bite. 

Who needs dairy when you have this refined, taste-tested list of alternative options that are better for your body as they are for the planet? We love a good old-fashioned cone with rainbow sprinkles as much as the next girl, but in 2022 it only seems right to delve into the other tasty and responsible options out there. Plus, Beyoncé is doing it. See you in the freezer aisle!

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