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Waves and Curls: Natural Hair Lovers

Natural hair—curly, wavy, often a cloud of frizz—can feel so unpredictable, many crank up the heat to calm things down. But these five women are embracing and enhancing their hair’s natural state: bold, beautiful and authentic. No need to defy beauty standards here—these are women who set them.

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Along with natural hair care advice, Denise, better known on YouTube as Denny Daily, incorporates health and beauty in her posts. Living a vegan lifestyle, she looks to organic products to tame her curls like Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste.

Location: London

Followers: 10.7k


In addition to working as a realtor, Natasha Lee-Duhaney blogs at StylishLee, showcasing how she cares for her curly mane. Also featured? Scenes from her colorful chicly Caribbean life, and the more avant-garde moments, too. Check the Solange vibes she pulled off at her all-white-affair courthouse wedding.

Location: Jamaica

Followers: 54.7k


Raised in Connecticut and currently finishing up her studies at Temple university, Nahla Victoria Ward’s bold hairstyles are matched by her voice. Here she sings an excerpt from India Arie’s song Video, with all the confident volume and range in her voice that she has in her hair.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Followers: 44k


Mother, model and elementary school teacher, Brandy Gueary is no stranger to wearing different hats. And we mean that literally. She’s an expert of accessorizing with all manner of chapeaux to shades to scarves. Scroll deep in Gueary’s feed for a style evolution. She began to experiment after her son, Grant, was born from a high maintenance afro to abandoning her beloved braids to her sleek, current look.

Location: Houston, TX

Followers: 6,704


Parisian style blogger Nelly Muse has a discerning eye for the unique, and that extends to her locks. In each and every one of her distinct outfits, her hair plays a major part of the head-to-toe approach. Twice as nice is that she’s one-half of a very stylish pair: her significant other and photographer @leshommesheureux also lets his natural curls do their thing.

Location: Paris, France

Followers: 30.5k


A vintage bit of wisdom: your cotton pillowcase is ruining your hair. A silk pillowcase, on the other hand, is a smoothing godsend, creating less friction and frizz.

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