10 Ethical Beauty Brands to Satisfy Your Sustainable #Shelfie Dreams
10 Ethical Beauty Brands to Satisfy Your Sustainable #Shelfie Dreams

10 Ethical Beauty Brands to Satisfy Your Sustainable #Shelfie Dreams

All it takes is a simple scroll on your platform of choice, to see that beauty is everywhere especially these days, where it all seems to be in Mykonos. But today we’re talking about beauty brands, of a certain caliber; introducing the ethical, clean, sustainable beauty movement (and occasionally, confusion) that has taken over on social and on our shelves. It’s important to differentiate between ‘clean’ beauty and ‘green’ beauty standards, which have to do with everything from the ingredients in your lipstick tube and the way they were sourced, to the eco-friendliness of the packaging, and how the team’s employees are cared for BTS. For today’s roundup, we’re covering it all through a selection of clean, green, and ethical brands that make us feel beautiful inside and out.


This cheeky, clean-beauty brand is doing it right on social, and on our shelves. Acure’s Instagram bio reads: 100% VEGAN, 0% PRETENTIOUS, which we’re 1000% here for. We love how Acure taps into the latest IG & TikTok trends i.e.) the glazed donut look that took over our summer scroll, and shows its audience how to get the luxe beauty looks, without the animal testing or nasty ingredients. 


Chances are, you recognize the ‘CLEAN’ Beauty Collective logo from its iconic fragrance line at beauty counters in Sephora worldwide. The fresh and clean beauty line hosts much more than fragrance – including its scented home collection, skincare, haircare and au naturale deodorant that *actually* works. Consider it a one-stop-shop for everything…clean!


Not only is UK-based clean beauty brand, PHB Beauty, all natural and vegan – but its also considered a highly ethical, sustainable, cruelty-free and organic collection with zero-waste packaging. Their makeup and skincare is a top choice amongst clean-beauty connoisseurs, and that’s not even the best part: PHB Beauty donates 20% of all profits to charity. *adds to cart, immediately.*


Considered an OG in the clean and green beauty space, Thrive carries a wide selection of makeup and skincare that you can mix and match to fit your #cleanroutine. We happen to LOVE their new all-natural, liquid lash extensions wand, which features vitamins and minerals for a lash look that is an au naturale. Be sure to create your own skincare/cosmetic set on their site, too!


Herbivore Botanicals is our plant-powered, high-vibe results clean beauty crush. It started with the Cloud Jelly serum paired with their chic, rose quartz jade roller that we found ourselves drooling over online at Sephora – and ended with us being lifelong fans of the brand not due to their futuristic aesthetic (although we are obsessed with that, too) but more so since its a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand offering clinical results without the typical beauty BS. Sustainably made stateside, doesn’t hurt either 😉


This Cali-based brand is founded on the ethos of cruelty-free, vegan, and sensitive ingredients that look as good on your vanity as they feel on your skin. As a coveted favorite by influencers, celebs (hi, Hailey Bieber) and Vogue magazine alike- we trust that Tower28 lives up to its sustainably chic reputation on social. P.S. their all-in-one liner in a multitude of shades is not only an eco-friendly choice, but saves us extra room in our makeup bag. Win, win.


Clean, green beauty brand Base Butter is on a mission to serve us the best in all-natural beauty, as well as the best mission and messaging to support dismantling racism in communities online, and IRL. We’re obsessed with their Body Love Cream for a full-body hydration experience, and their anti-bacterial cleansing cloths are just the sustainable trick to removing our latest #BeautyTok look before bed.


Noto’s mission statement is “NOTO IS: FOR ALL”, a testament to the brand’s multi-use, gender-fluid beauty line founded by makeup artist Gloria Noto. The #universallysexy clean beauty line has been acclaimed in InStyle, Arch Digest, and more – highlighting some of our favorites like their ultra-hydrating Deep Serum, or Color + Glo pots/sticks suitable for any shade. 


This iconic ethical beauty brand should absolutely be on your radar (and on your vanity) if it isn’t already: enter, Lipstick Lobby – the beauty brand on a mission to support women’s rights. It’s current mission? Voter registration, with a branded #iamRegistered hashtag and 100% of net profits from its lipstick sales going to Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Brady and UnPrison project. If that’s not enough girl power to get you shopping, there’s also the fact that in 2018, Gloria Steinem herself partnered with the brand on social, strongly believing in its mission and impact on women’s equality. That’s it. That’s the post.


The collab we knew we needed, but haven’t seen pursued as aesthetically pleasing and courageously as Lipslut – the intersection of beauty and activism. You may have come across its now famous lipgloss touting ‘Fuck Trump” and “Notorious R.B.G” on the tubes, or perhaps its Glossier-style simple cosmetics caught your eye. Either way, once you stop scrolling to shop, you will find yourself serving more looks than one – and they’re all good.

Alas, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but when we as individuals have the power to make an impact with our dollars, the values we stand behind like clean ingredients, ethically created and sustainably sourced products count now more than ever. We’ll be tuning into what these brands are up to, and caring about where our beauty comes from, and how it impacts our bodies inside and out. It’s an exciting time for beauty – and the future is as bright as a Vitamin C serum.

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