Pride Month | The LGBTQ+ Leaders We're Following. - Social Studies

Pride Month | The LGBTQ+ Leaders We’re Following.

In honor of Pride Month, we’re sharing a few of our favorite LGBTQ+ activists to follow on Instagram.


An outspoken model and activist known for being unapologetically honest, Munroe celebrates the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities while educating, inspiring, and speaking out against hate. Breaking barriers as L’Oreal’s first transgender model, she serves as an active member of United Nations Women in the United Kingdom.


Alok Vaid-Menon is an internationally acclaimed gender non-conforming performer, public speaker, and author of “Beyond the Gender Binary”. As the creator of #DeGenderFashion, a movement routed in degenderizing the fashion and beauty industries, Alok has presented to over 500 audiences worldwide in an effort to spread his message and drive change. He focuses on body acceptance, confidence, self-determination and gender neutrality.


Lady Shug, seen on Season 1 of We’re Here, is widely recognized for their community work and efforts in improving the education for health care workers on the importance of using chosen names and preferred pronouns. Lady Shug currently lives on indigenous Navajo lands, speaking out and advocating for equal rights and representation in indigenous lands.


UN Partner and activist, Barrett Paul, uses their social platforms to share deeply inspirational and informative materials supporting the LGBTQ+ community. In addition to serving as an educational resource, Barrett leads a professional career as a highly sought-after life coach specializing in love, health, and career choices. Barrett runs two different pages on Instagram including @soulboners and @hearthappy315.


Social activist and digital ambassador to the Black Lives Matter movement, Janaya Future Khan hosts weekly Sunday Sermon videos on Instagram where followers can listen to very insightful and thought-provoking conservations. Vogue has described Janaya as “Where Spirituality Meets Protest” thanks to all their activism work and ability to connect and spread awareness through digital media.


Gym owner, Seth Gottesdiener, is known for his “Great American Bike Ride” where he rode his bicycle from Los Angeles to Washington DC over a 45-day duration to interview Americans from different backgrounds (with the help of a camera crew along) in order to capture the sentiment of the country leading up to the 2020 US Presidential Election.

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