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Instagram’s Sixth Sense: Psychics and Mystics

There’s something oddly exciting in being told about ourselves. Is it that the person we ostensibly know best, is somehow the most unknown? Or, maybe more telling of our times, is it desire for guidance navigating an uncertain future? Armed with self-knowledge and insight, it’s almost like an insurance policy against bad luck. If you know enough, can you make your own?

The mass resurgence in the mystic inward gaze can be both an artful Instagram moment—aura polaroid pop-ups for everyone!—and a serious inquiry. And whether or not you buy it, who cares? We could all use a little introspection right now. From tarot cards to psychic forecasts and aura readings to energy awakenings, these five seem to have a sixth sense.

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A tarot reading didn’t guide Angie Banicki to leave her entertainment PR life behind, but that is where she ended up. She bases her predictions on intuition more than a claim to have psychic powers, so an in-person experience is ideal. She told Cosmo her goal is simple: to give someone what they need to move forward.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Followers: 2,733


If your mental state feels junked up right now—and let’s face it, whose doesn’t?—then allow Deborah Hanekamp to clean your spirit. In a medicine reading, she’ll pull out an arsenal of tools meant to slough away the spiritual gunk: sound therapy, ritual baths (so, actual cleaning, too), a lesson on skepticism, and crystal healing among them. Deborah spent eight years as an Amazonian shaman’s apprentice, so she’s witnessed the benefits of her craft unfold in her clients’ lives.

Location: New York City, NY

Followers: 17.8k


Christina Lonsdale travels around the world with a portable photo lab—a silver geodesic dome and vintage camera—taking phantasmagorical Polaroids that develop to reveal a filmy haze around you: your aura’s electromagnetic waves, physically translated through colors and placement. Christina believes it’s a form of art (the images are beautiful) geared toward helping people experience themselves differently.

Location: Portland, OR

Followers: 34.3k


What if your life’s chaos stems from your closet? Colleen McCann clears out wardrobes by assessing clothes’ vibration levels, removing anything that doesn’t support the wearer. She’s uniquely positioned for this very niche practice—as a former stylist, she knows firsthand the transformative power a garment can have. (In the photo is her friend Ace, enduring the process.)

Location: New York City and Los Angeles

Followers: 4,647


Overseeing a team of psychic seers and seeresses, Jayne Wallace offers clients a prescriptive and clear reading, sidestepping some of the wishy-washy romance that some skeptics denounce. Her practice is actually embedded in Selfridge’s, London’s venerable department store, and she’s now partnered up with makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury.

Location: London, UK

Followers: 12.3k


A beautifully strange jewelry box from Brooklyn’s Quiet Storms: remove the glass orb and store pieces in the glass bowl underneath.

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