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The Best Luxury Mattresses

The Best Luxury Mattresses

In a world where self-care is on the rise, people are learning that the best quality of life starts with a good night’s sleep – on the mattress of your dreams… And the obvious place to start this self-care sleep journey is of course Instagram. When it comes to products you come in contact with every single day, quality is undoubtedly important and while mattress firmness is definitely a personal preference, these brands have something for everyone.

Savoir Beds I @savoirbeds

First let’s talk about Savoir Beds. The name alone sounds fancy and luxurious but rest assured that the beds – and their instagram feed – live up to vibe. Their aesthetic has a beautiful vintage touch which is only fitting considering they’ve been in business for over 100 years. Savoir is so dedicated to making the best quality product that they produce less than 1000 beds a year with every product being custom built, handmade and as dreamy as can be. 

Obasan I @obasansleep

Living an organic life can also help you sleep better at night. That’s why Obasan’s mission is to provide you with ‘the world’s finest organic mattresses’ that are handmade for your best sleep. The brand proudly features their employees on their Instagram feed which we love because a personal touch and employee appreciation is so important. It feels safe and cozy here. 

Avocado Green Mattresses I @avocadogreenbrands

Avocado Green Mattresses has a pretty large Instagram following and there’s a reason for that. Beyond their stunning nature-inspired content – they really do care about the quality of your sleep and the doing right by environment. Their green mattresses are made with natural organic materials and the business mission is to provide an affordable green option to the conventional alternative.

Saatva I @saatva

Saatva is all about you getting your dream sleep without having to pay a super steep price with monthly financing such like Klarna available to buyers on their site. Honestly, we’re here for these monthly payment plans because investing in your first high quality mattresses can be intimidating. Their instagram grid is full of useful sleep hacks and facts and their mattresses are customizable and handcrafted.

Frette I @fretteofficial

Frette, and their Instagram, are giving old money class in all the best ways, which makes sense considering they’ve been in business since 1860. Their mattresses are only made with the most high quality natural products built to last and feature a timeless chic design. With all of their different firmness levels there’s something for everyone so we can all feel like royalty while getting our beauty sleep — or while favoriting their posts.

With the affordable and dreamy options there’s really no reason to keep putting off your new sleep life. But personal firmness and mattress size aside, all these photos of sheep and bedroom inspo are really just worth a follow because maybe a new mattress purchase isn’t in your near future but, it’s always nice to dream.

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