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2021 Wine Influencers to Follow

2021 Wine Influencers to Follow

We’ve seen the rise of fashion influencers, foodies and even mom influencers but what about influencers exclusively devoted to making wine approachable?  The rise of the “Wine Influencer” is here and despite what some may think, you don’t have to be a certified sommelier to give expert advice on wine education and recommendations. With a plethora of online resources, courses (Wine Spirits Education Trust (WSET), Wine Scholars Guild etc.) and personal experience in the vineyard, the “Wine Influencer” helps bring a new perspective and meaning to wine.  

Overall, the world of wine is not only complicated, but endless. And for someone who is intrigued by the industry and considers themselves a wine novice, the “Wine Influencer” is an easy follow.  They help the wine consumer purchase with confidence, providing recommendations for everyday pairings, special occasions and holidays. 

While wine is pretty subjective, following the right wine influencer who knows their stuff and can offer quality content that’s easy to digest. And let’s be honest, “wine” lingo can be considered a foreign language to some.

See below for inspiration on quality “Wine Influencer” accounts to follow that are keeping it real, fun and fresh.

Madeline Puckette of @winefolly

For a total wine 101 dump with a million infographics, cheatsheets and even a beautiful and informational coffee table book, Madeline is a must follow for those wanting to feel like a wine expert, fast.

Georgia Panagopoulouis | @wine.gini

She travels all over the world bringing the wine experience to life through squares, Georgia’s goal is to showcase wine through digital content on social media and she does so flawlessly. She not only has an impressive background in wine (WSET 3 (Diploma enrolled), experience in Wine Management) she also has a background in Chemical Engineering which is always a plus in the winemaking process.

Alyssa Vitrano | @grapefriend

She puts all the fun in wine with her fabulous recommendations and ultimate pop culture pairing suggestions. Her newsletter is a great one for fast wine finds each month.

Nicole Muscari | @GrapeChic |

If you are interested in getting up close and personal with French wine, Nicole is your girl. Based in NYC, Nicole represents Chateau de Pommard in the Northeast, is a Wine Advisor at VIVANT, has her WSET 3 and her French Wine Scholar Certification.  She always recommends the best French wines, loves sharing the terroir behind the wine and is simply “chic” while doing so.

Kendeigh Worden | @thegrapegrind |

If you want to skip the pricey cost of wine classes offered but want to increase your wine knowledge, this is the follow for you. From her weekly “Flavors, Flaws + Faults: What are they and where do they come from?” series to her share-worthy regional wine maps, Kendeigh is goals in terms of offering in-depth wine education in an easy to comprehend way. 

Chelsie Petras | @chelsiepetras

Chelsie puts a refreshing twist on a somewhat stuffy topic. She not only makes wine more approachable but she adds her incredible wit while doing so. Her and Elle Rodriguez of @themodernpour (another great, LA-based wine influencer) have a fantastic wine & lifestyle podcast together called Babes + Booze where they have fun chats with guest appearances all while sipping on fine wines.

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