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The 4 Fashion Brands We’ve Been Following Since 2016

The 4 Fashion Brands We’ve Been Following Since 2016

In Feburary of 2016 we highlighted the ‘next generation of fashion greats’. We prayed that these brands (which we could not get enough of at the time) would turn into world-renowned fashion labels sported by celebrities and fashion-girlies alike. Turns out we were RIGHT.

Let’s take a look at these brands, reminding ourselves why we fell in love with them and how much their audience has grown on Instagram since February 2016.

@jonathancohenstudio | 1,436.11% Follower Growth

When we spotted Michelle Obama on TV sporting a gorgeous Jonathan Cohen Studio blouse we knew this brand had made it. We still absolutely adore their comfortable, yet tailored, dresses which the brand creates using luxe fabrics conjointly with their highly coveted and elevated floral patterns. This brand definitely embodies their ethos of quality over quantity and we adore it.

@carolineconstas | 100% Follower Growth

An ode to her meditterean heritage, Caroline Constas has proven herself to be the preeminent designer when it comes to summer vacationwear for women. The signature ruffles can be easily suppotted all over the summer hotspots from Mykonos to the Hamptons. We cannot wait to get our hands on their vintage style bikinis! | 4,386.61% Follower Growth

If you frequent the streets of Soho I guarantee you that a girl holding a Staud Moon bag will be only a stone’s throw away. Over these past seven years Staud has PROVEN that their style formula works – designing pieces with a timeless quality at an accessible price point.

@monsemaison | 100% Follower Growth

When we gave Monse the spotlight in 2016 (after only one year of knowing the brand) we had high hopes. Afterall, how could a line started by the creative directors of Oscar de la Renta disappoint us? We were right. We live for the brand’s spin on classic pieces like suits and shirts. You are sure to stand out in Monse and what’s wrong with that?

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