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The 12 Binge-Worthy Podcasts for 2023

The 12 Binge-Worthy Podcasts for 2023

It’s 2023 and everyone has a podcast… no really, it feels like every entrepreneur, freelancer, and corporation is launching their very own podcast. And while we’ll be the first to admit we have podcast fatigue – we remain loyal to the podcasts we love because we enjoy learning from people from the genuine and authentic discussions from those whom we admire and those who are not just trying to manufacture click-baity sound bites for TikTok. So, we decided to make your life easier and instead of having to filter through the thousands of options, we’ve created a highlight of the best podcasts that we believe are worth listening to..


Claudia and Jackie Oshry are the co-hosts of the ‘Millenial Morning News show’: The Toast. These hilarious sisters have a cult following of listeners who say they consistently wake up early to feast on the duo’s comedic spin on daily pop culture stories. We absolutely LOVE how this podcast fits seemlessly into our daily routines, giving us major comic relief as well as the info we crave on every aspect of pop culture. The Oshry’s are putting People magazine out of business and rightfully so!


The Foster sisters prove once again that their self deprecating humor works – every time, without fail. We saw this with their show ‘Barely Famous’ and now with their latest venture. Even though this is definitely not the world’s first podcast, the sisters have managed to stand out in this oversaturated industry by providing their audience with insightful tips, exclusive celebrity stories and some incredible interviews with Lauren Santo-Domingo of Moda Operandi being our favourite!


How can you forget the Arielle Charnas scandal of 2020 brought to us by internet sleuth Sophie Ross? We couldn’t get enough of Ross’ snarky and witty commentary from her Substack so when we discovered she had a podcast we had high hopes. We crave Sophie’s hot takes on all of our favourite Bravo shows and celebrities alike, and recommend that you dive in for some serious entertainment.


Hannah Berner and Paige De Sorbo’s podcast ‘Giggly Squad’ was born out of their daily Instagram Live sessions during the dreaded quarantine of 2020 where they literally just gossiped amongst one another to thousands of viewers. Surprised by the audience, and one that continued to grow week over week – the two saw the demand and acted on it with the launch of their podcast. We are eternally grateful for this show which has provided us with enough laughs to last a lifetime.


Crissle West and Kid Fury banter about the musings of pop culture, current events and self-help from the most unapologetically Black and queer perspectives on their weekly podcast: ‘The Read’. Going strong for almost 10 years, we consider The Read one of the BEST shows out there. The podcast never fails to leave us more informed and happier than we did before we pressed play.


We cannot contain our laughter everytime we listen to comedians Chris Distefano and Sal Vulcano’s podcast ‘Hey Babe’. When snippets of their podcast came up on our TikTok feed we decided to give it a listen and its safe to say we are HOOKED. The podcasting pair discuss everything from philosophy to plastic surgery; nothing seems to be off limits.


For the mega-fans of One Tree Hill, rewatching old episodes on Hulu simply isn’t enough. ‘Drama Queens’ is a fascinating podcast that die-hard OTH fans have been craving since the show ended in 2012. The three female leads: Bethany Joy Lenz, Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush dive into every episode of the show offering their unique thoughts and opinions. This is a show that we never knew we needed!


Adrea Kurian’s show the ‘Brown Bad n’ Bothered Podcast’ is incredibly helpful when its comes to all things mental health, body shaming, judgemental family friends, friendships, beauty standards and more. Not to mention, her unique insight into what is really means to be a young women in 2023 is unbelievably astute.


When journalist Dan Harris had a panic attack on air he knew that it was time for a change. We not only loved reading his bestselling book ‘Ten Percent Happier’ but have become addicted to the corresponding podcast show. Harris has some incredible guests on the podcast like the Dalai Lama and Brené Brown; it’s safe to say that we have been very inspired and look forward to each and every episode.


Thinking about becoming an entrepreneur? Then you HAVE to listen to ‘How I Built This’. Hosted by Gary Raz, the show dives into the lives of founders, revealing the intimate details of their rise to success. We are always in awe of Raz’s ability to really get his guests to be vulnerable. It’s a fantastic listen if you ask us!


We’ll admit that we are totally addicted to Black Enterprise’s Digital Editor Selena Hill’s show ‘Be Heard Talk’. Selena hosts a touching and informative podcast surrounding all things race, culture and politics. We are eager learn all about the topics covered like if Destiny Child’s Cater 2 U is anti-feminist or what it means to be marginalized in America. The show is thought-provoking, sometimes funny and, not to be missed.


This weekly podcast hosted by award-winning journalist Farai Chideya, taps into how women of color experience and are impacted by current political events. What we find the most inspiring about ‘Our Body Politic’ is how Chideya provides her audience with tangible solutions to issues discussed either through her own knowledge or by highlighting women making changes in their community.

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