The D2C brands we've been following since 2019 - Social Studies

The D2C brands we’ve been following since 2019

Social media platforms like instagram and TikTok are a DTC brand’s salvation. Back in 2019 we highlighted what we thought were the top 5 direct-to-consumer brands on social media and we backed them with confidence. 4 years later and we are here to give our honest review.


Providing customizable haircare is Function of Beauty’s ultimate goal. Over the past few years we have been impressed with how the brand has tapped into sponsoring some of our favorite podcasts. The brand cleverly aligns themselves with shows that cater to audiences who would appreciate all the brand has to offer. We also love to see how FOB views the creator economy, utilizing influencers of all sizes for example @abbieherbert_ who has a HUGE following and @sarah_wolak who has a smaller audience but whose content is more beauty specific.


Stadium goods boasts a massive 2.9M following on instagram. Sneakerheads and streetwear afficandos alike flock to their instagram to see the latest drops and launches; content that continues to perform exceptionally well. What we are most impressed by is how the brand does not rely on significant over-performing posts but taps into the creator economy to evolve and grow their presence on social, utilizing creators like @frescobk (who focuses in sneaker content) to promote their products in a creative and authentic fashion.


Back in 2019 we absolutely loved one of Flamingo’s most successful social franchises: #PlacesIWantToBathe. Four years later and Flamingo has continued to level up their social media game. We are huge fans of the ‘Shower Talk’: a series where creators walk us through their bathing routine. This segment encourages creators to be educators whilst expressing vulnerability. All of this further corroborates what Flamingo’s Director of Marketing and Communications stated four years back “Instead of looking at social growth as an end goal, we view it as a symptom that everything we’re doing around the brand—offline and online—is landing well” – and they are still doing just that! All their impressive social campagains are authentic and are well received hence generating continued interest in the brand and its products.


We noted how important social media was to this brand in 2019, when the company created its Instagram a full six months before any products were launched. We are pleased to report that social is still at the forefront of Andie Swim’s brand. We love to see how the company utlizes their own employees as creators, it keeps things personal and intimate.


Seedlip has exceeded our expectations with regards to social growth. Partnering with Kardashian-loved party planner, Mindy Weiss, is one of the few ways that the brand has been able to grow on social. They know their audience and provide value by sharing entertaining and educational content.

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