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The Top Ten Art Galleries in the Country, According to Instagram

At last estimate, there were over 6,500 art galleries in the United States alone. It’s a number that seems to have grown exponentially in the years since, with the rise of young curators coming to the fore of the art world thanks in large part, no doubt, to social media. Our list of the top ten art galleries in the country pays homage to those fastest-growing on Instagram, regardless of age or pedigree.

Paula Cooper Gallery


 New York, NY


📈 30-Day Growth: 5.17% (+5.6k)

👩‍🎨 Gallerist of Note: @jay_gorney , Director

🎨 Artists Repped: Claes OldenburgSol LeWitt

🖼 Current Exhibits: Laura Hunt, Sol LeWitt’s “Large Gouaches,” Lynda Benglis, Tauba Auberbach‘s “A Broken Stream,” Mark di Suervo‘s “Hugs”

🌟 Claim to Fame: Per an Observer profile on Paula Cooper herself, “When Ms. Cooper opened on Prince Street, not only were there no other dealers in the neighborhood, there weren’t even street lamps.”



 New York, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, London, Paris, Geneva, Athens, Rome, Hong Kong


📈30-Day Growth: 2.8% (+26.9k)

👩‍🎨Gallerist of Note: @larrygagosian , Founder

🎨Artists Repped: Willem de Kooning, Helen Frankenthaler, @jeffkoons , Roy Lichtenstein

🖼Current Exhibits: Nate LowmanSpencer SweeneyMark GrotjahnRichard Prince… In New York alone.

🌟Claim to Fame: Its namesake, who’s among the wealthiest (not to mention, most controversial) art dealers in the world



 New York & Rome


📈 30-Day Growth: 2.78% (+1.2k)

👩‍🎨 Gallerist of Note: @passerbystop

🎨 Artists Repped: Franz Ackermann, @jeremydeller , Alex Katz

🖼 Current Exhibits: Sam Pulitzer, Jannis Kounellis, Brian Belott

🌟 Claim to Fame: Per a profile in ARTnews, “Brown is part of a great generation of dealers who opened galleries in the 1990s, people whose purpose was to somehow to make money while making worlds possible where they, and the kind of art that they thought helped people, slide into … other destinations.”

Lisson Gallery


 London & New York


📈 30-Day Growth: 2.67% (+6.1k)

🎨 Artists Repped:  @abramovicinstitute , @aiww , Lawrence Weiner

🖼 Current Exhibits: Stanley Whitney, Ceal Foyer, Leon Polk Smith

🌟 Claim to Fame: Its founder’s rags-to-riches empire

Hauser & Wirth


 Zurich, London, Somerset, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Gstaad and St. Moritz


📈 30-Day Growth: 2.59% (+8.9k)

🎨 Artists Repped: Lorna Simpson, Paul McCarthy, Matthew Day Jackson

🖼 Current Exhibits: Zoe Leonard, Martin CreedRoni HornPhyllida BarlowAnna Maria Maiolino

🌟 Claim to Fame: Its new non-profit, Hauser & Wirth Institute

Pace Gallery


 New York, Palo Alto, London, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Geneva


📈 30-Day Growth: 2.38% (+17.1k)

👩‍🎨 Gallerist of Note: @andriahickey , Curator

🎨 Artists Repped: Chuck Close, David Hockney, Irving Penn

🖼 Current Exhibits: Ham Kyungah, Robert Whitman, Nigel Cooke, Agnes Martin, Mark Tobey, Richard Tuttle, Brent Wadden

🌟 Claim to Fame: In 2009, it became the first major Manhattan art gallery to open in Beijing.

Kasmin Gallery


 New York, NY


📈 30-Day Growth: 2.32% (+2.4k)

👩‍🎨 Gallerist of Note: @nickolney , Managing Director

🎨 Artists Repped: Joel Shapiro, Lee Krasner

🖼 Current Exhibits: Walton Ford, Joel Shapiro, Stuart Davis, Brancusi & Duchamp

🌟 Claim to Fame: The gallery’s new rooftop sculpture garden, which rejects “the dichotomy that pits brick-and-mortar against new methods of programming [and] places Kasmin’s roster of artists and exhibitions in conversation with one of the most innovative platforms for art developed in recent years, reimagining how a commercial gallery can engage with art and the public.”

Lehmann Maupin


 New York, Hong Kong, Seoul


📈 30-Day Growth: 2.32% (+1.8k)

👩‍🎨 Gallerist of Note: @davidmaupin , Co-Founder

🎨 Artists Repped: Marilyn Minter, David Salle, Juergen Teller

🖼 Current Exhibits: Mandy El-Sayegh, Catherine Opie, Kader Attia, Angel Otero

🌟 Claim to Fame: Among the gallery’s many accomplishments, fun fact: Maupin’s partner is Stefano Tonchi, the editor-in-chief of W.

David Zwirner


 New York, London, Hong Kong


📈 30-Day Growth: 2.07% (+8.8k)

👩‍🎨 Gallerist of Note: @elenasoboleva , Online Sales Director

🎨 Artists Repped: Diane Arbus, Jeff Koons

🖼 Current Exhibits: Diane ArbusLisa Yuskavage

🌟 Claim to Fame: Its founder’s high rankings among both ArtReview’s “Power 100” list and Forbes’ “America’s Most Powerful Art Dealers.”

Ronin Gallery


 New York, NY


📈 Engagement Rate: 5.89%

👩‍🎨 Gallerist of Note: @traveling_ronin , President

🎨 Artists Repped: @horisyoshi_3

🖼 Current Exhibits:Sakura: An Enduring Tradition,” a collection of 18th-19th century Japanese woodblock prints that depict cherry blossoms.

🌟 Claim to Fame: The largest collection of Japanese prints in the United States.

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