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Top Plant Influencers to Help Your Green Thumb Bloom

Top Plant Influencers to Help Your Green Thumb Bloom

Let’s be honest – we could all use more time offline and outdoors. The benefits of nature are seemingly endless – from Vitamin D for our eyes and skin, to fresh air and anxiety-reducing natural greenery to boost our mood, there aren’t really any downsides – except for the fact that in 2022, we predominantly work… inside. Alas, meet the Plantfluencers – the influencers posting gorgeous content of – you guessed it – plants. These profiles are guaranteed to refresh your mind and become an instant *palette cleanser* for your Santorini-vacay-induced feeds this summer. Bonus points if you catch a green thumb, #undertheinfluence 😉

@ plantkween

The first stop on your plantfluencer journey MUST be Christopher Griffin’s account, Plant Kween. The Brooklyn-based, non-binary influencer shares their obsession with plant life in a fun, aesthetically pleasing way. Not to mention, Christopher recently wrote a book called ‘You Grow, Gurl!’ with cheeky tips and tricks for growing your very own garden. *Adds to cart*.

@ greenpiece

Deemed ‘That Plant Girl’ by top-tier publications like @archdigest, @nytimes, @voguemagazine and more, Maryah Greene is the plant doctor we never knew we needed. As a consultant for designing spaces with plant-life and colorful interiors, Maryah is also an influencer who works with a variety of brands outside of the plant category – like natural wines, haircare brands, and homeware. When Maryah isn’t collabing on social, she’s discovering new ways to present her plants and inspiring us to do the same. Doctor’s orders.

@ homesteadbrooklyn

We love Summer Rayne Oakes’ content for more than just its beautiful plantlife, but also for the sustainable aspect of her personal brand. Check out her insta feed and YouTube channel for plant tips and education shared in a warm, inspiring way. If you’re looking to dive even deeper, Summer has a Masterclass and published book, ‘How To Make A Plant Love You’ available for greenifying your life, inside and out.

@ eargardn

Bri Saint’s feed is a green dream, featuring plants from her own home, as well as a botanical lifestyle aesthetic that we can’t get enough of. Check out her content for fun, educational tips around topics like repotting plants and ways to care for your flora, as well as inspo for your next printed manicure or fruit charcuterie spread. [Yea, that’s a thing!]

@ houseplantjournal 

Darryl Cheng’s insta bio considers his method to plant parenthood “an engineer’s approach to houseplant care” and we’re here for it. As the author of ‘The New Plant Parent’ with a chic, edgy feed of green, Darryl shares more than just lush greenscapes, but actually takes it to the next level by thoroughly answering his audience’s Qs about raising plants in this *harsh* indoor world. Tune into his next Q + A feature for tips to grow your best life.

@ garden_marcus

We absolutely love Garden Marcus’ feed. This plant influencer goes beyond the typical plant content & captions, and brings a sense of mindfulness and zen to his audience that we haven’t seen anywhere else on social. Marcus’ insights and tips encourage us to provide the best life for our plants – but also by checking in with ourselves, us too.

@ urlocalplantboy 

Portland, Oregon-based influencer Tylor grows and sells plants nationwide for all of our botanical needs. Whether you’re looking to curate the inside of your NYC apartment or Austin-backyard escape, Tylor has a plant for that. We also love the reminiscent #boyswithplants vibe that was popular in the early aughts at trendy shops like Urban Outfitters and Anthro. Nostalgia, anyone?


Plants and design? Simply the best. The aesthetically pleasing greenery x interior design content on Benji’s profile has us meditating on where we need to *spruce* up our place next. The LA-based, 23 year old plantfluencer has plenty of beautiful content to offer – however our favorite of the moment is the plant shelf desktop background that you can buy for $7, and design your own customizable space on your laptop. Low maintenance, and so fun – yes please! 

@ meeschmid_plantlady

Oh, do we LOVE plantlady. The Switzerland-based plant and horse lover gives us all the positive vibes on her page, which includes a healthy dose of plant content, interior design and dreamy green escapes. Her online shop featuring plant-inspired apparel, prints, accessories and more will have you hooked on the green stuff in no time.

@ jenssuccs 

Now that we know being a ‘succulent enthusiast’ is a thing, we’ll take on that role, too! Jen Tao has an adoration for succulents and houseplants that express the simple and totally aspirational vision of us having our own garden thrive at home. Yet, intimidating-plant-parenthood aside, her succulent arrangements are that of a luxe floral design, except these babies last longer. Succulent inspired- girls brunch this summer sounds really good right about now.

Whether you’re naturally into nature or not, these influencers with plants will inspire, educate and entertain your digital desire for more plant life in your scene. We can’t wait to try some of these tips and tricks at home with our own indoor garden – or at least the one in our feed, for now 🙂

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