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Why @arod Is Instagram’s Favorite Boyfriend

It’s summer. People like baseball and live music this time of year. But what they really like is Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez.

@arod  has hit some impressive milestones in his career, but the one we’re currently most riveted by has been his Instagram growth—and who’s involved. According to our social insights, every one of his top 9 most-engaged posts over the last year include… @jlo .

His audience jumped 400K, or 17%, in March 2019 when the two became engaged (hers increased 3.75% over the same time period).

Since joining Lopez on her It’s My Party summer tour, his two highest viewed YouTube posts are those that feature her concerts (one posted earlier this week), outperforming the others by almost 2000%.

Surprisingly, his most engaged fans aren’t Major League diehards. They’re hopeless romantics cheering on a second chance at love.

All-star. Legend. Ultimate boyfriend—and soon-to-be ultimate husband.

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