The Gramlist Effect - Social Studies

The Gramlist Effect

The Gramlist is an influencer discovery and activation platform focused on helping brands, publishers, and agencies harness the best talent across the social web.

We exist to surface the new and undiscovered, the next wave of influence. We celebrate emerging and authentic talent on Instagram, Snapchat and beyond.


1. Kickoff & Alignment
You tell us your dreams, goals and KPIs. We lead creative ideation, strategy, and talent mapping.

2. Talent Mapping: Data + Human Curation
The Gramlist’s secret society of editors, creatives, and influencers convene to identify ideal influencers. Human curation goes through our ‘Genius Lab’ product suite, which extract valuable “influence metrics” far beyond vanity numbers like follower count. Using historical insights on daily posting average, average likes and comments, growth trajectory, and overall engagement rate to forecast and benchmark success.

3. List, Rank & Outreach
We deliver a custom list of vetted influencers, and for those working with us on a campaign activation, you rank your favorites. From here, we craft the offer & handle outreach. Depending on your brand goals, we always recommend offering the influencer an ‘experience ticket’ that facilitates an authentic engagement with the brand.

4. Content Creation & Activation
Confirmed influencers create & publish content in accordance with creative brief, native to their feed for maximum engagement. If necessary we collect and gather all contracts, and facilitate compensation if necessary.

5. Social Assets Lab
We collect and deliver final social assets from all participating creators that you can leverage on your brand’s owned and operated channels.

6. Performance Analytics & Wrap
We monitor campaign performance, reach and engagement and even competitive analysis of past programs so your brand can have all the facts and figures you need. Our wraps always include learnings, analytics and performance insights to inform future spending decisions and activations.

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