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10 Brands That Support LGBTQI+ All Year Round

We’ve been closely watching 10 brands that support LGBTQI+ stamp on their digital content all year and have surfaced the posts that resonated most deeply with followers. Our insights below indicate overperformance and are based on 30-day engagement rates.


@netflix  recently launched a new campaign that further elevated its already rich LGBTQI+ slate of programming. Titled  @prism , it showcases Netflix’s large library of LGBTQI+ content, as well as actors that identify within the community.

Most Prideful Post (2x overperformance):  @antoni ‘s vulnerable topic created significant conversation around anxiety. This one snagged a staggering 29.65% engagement rate.


After the tragic Orlando Pulse shooting,  @jetblue  offered free flights to the immediate family and domestic partners of victims and donated $100,000 to the OneOrlando Fund. In the years following, JetBlue has partnered with the  @stonewallinngives and the  @nycgmc .

Most Prideful Post (13x): JetBlue and  @rupaulofficial  are a powerful combo: This video garnered a 17% engagement rate.


A clothing store created by women for ALL women? Sign us up.  @wearewildfang  sells clothes that are androgynous, available in size 0 to size 20, and take a political stand. Wildfang’s ultra-popular “Wild Feminist” merch donates 10% of all proceeds to  @plannedparenthood  and  @aclu_nationwide . In 2018 alone, Wildfang raised more than $400,000 for charities that support reproductive, immigrant, and women’s/human’s rights.

Most Prideful Post (3x): This encouraging post brought in a healthy 5.77% engagement rate.


Since the 80’s,  @kiehls  has avidly supported the LGBTQI+ community and HIV/AIDS organizations. In 2010, Kiehl’s hosted its first LifeRide to raise awareness and money for AIDS research foundation  @amfar , fundraising $1.6 million to date. Kiehl’s has also donated thousands and thousandsof dollars to The Ali Forney Center@hetrickmartin , and The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center to support LGBTQI+ youth in New York.

Most Prideful Post (7x): Giving back: This one helped the brand’s audience of 735K rally around the LBGTQI+ community.


For Pride,  @harrys sold a Shave with Pride set that donated all proceeds to  @trevorproject . Harry’s has donated $200,000 – and counting – to the organization’s training system for crisis counselors. The brand is also inclusive of the LGBTQI+ community in its commercials: not only showing a transgender man as “every” man, but also the scars on his chest from top surgery.

Most Prideful Post (4.2x): This high-engagement product shot fueled donations for a good cause.


@absolutvodka  has never shied away from embracing the LGBTQI+ community. Decades ago, the liquor company was one of the first to advertise in LGBT media, a time when brands feared backlash. Since 1989, Absolut has sponsored the  @glaad  Media Awards and donated more than $40 million to  @outfestGod’s Love We Deliver, and others.

Most Prideful Post (2x): This product launch was well-received with the 21+ set.


After an investor complained that  @starbucks ‘ support for same sex marriage was bad for business, CEO Howard Schultz encouraged the investor to take their money elsewhere. Schultz said at the time, “Not every decision is an economic decision. We employ over 200,000 people in this company, and we want to embrace diversity. Of all kinds.”

Most Prideful Post (2x): Partnering with Lady Gaga resonated with Starbucks’ audience, creating a 2% engagement rate on the post (double that of others in the feed).

Ben & Jerry’s

Historically,  @benandjerrys  has dedicated flavors to show their support for same sex marriage, changing “chubby hubby” to “hubby hubby” and “chocolate chip cookie dough” to “i dough, i dough.” In 2017, when Australia was late to approving same sex marriage, Ben & Jerry’s banned their same-flavored scoops from stores and encouraged their customers to contact their members of Parliament. (A few months later, Australia legalized same sex marriage.)

Most Prideful Post (2x): The brand often spreads the LGBTQI+ message globally. This equality post calling out a special edition in the Netherlands created demand far and wide. 


During the 2014 Olympics in Russia, and despite being an official sponsor,  @chobani  went out of its way to condemn Russia’s anti-gay laws and tweeted, “Naturally Powering Everyone” with a rainbow-colored stack of yogurt. Shortly after, Chobani released its “Love this Life” campaign, featuring a lesbian couple.

Most Prideful Post (2x): This limited-edition item outperformed others in the feed and spread the word quickly via tagging.


@cocacola  made history in 2018 with a Super Bowl commercial that used the pronoun “them” to describe someone non-binary. Coca-Cola was one of the first to celebrate gender neutral pronouns and did so during one of the most watched TV events. Another 2018 commercial received positively belittled the derogatory phrase used by Brazilians to call someone gay, “that Coke is a Fanta,” and launched a limited-edition Coke with Fanta inside.

Most Prideful Post (2x): Reaching 2.6 million people, this inclusive post hit the right message, resulting in double the engagement.

Honorable Mention: AXE

When someone joked that  @axe  would be a sponsor for the Straight Pride Parade, AXE responded in sincerity, “We’ll be at the parade that matters and this one isn’t it.” This prompted another Twitter user to respond that it was “uninclusive” and “intolerant” of AXE to not support straight people. In a clap back that went viral, AXE said, “Gay rights are human rights but go off jill.” The result: AXE’s Twitter audience grew by more than 3K.

Bottom line? If you want to make sure you’re spending money on companies that have shown a genuine commitment to respect, diversity, and inclusivity. Here are the brands giving back in significant ways by teaming up with nonprofit organizations that strive to magnify LGBTQ voices and deliver essential resources to those in need.

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