Love is Love: Pride Weekend Warm Up - Social Studies

Love is Love: Pride Weekend Warm Up

What a Pride Month it’s been. Things right now feel split between a pre- and post-Orlando world, the last weekend of Pride Month has never seemed more meaningful. Monday, HBO released ‘Suited,’ a documentary about a tailor for transgendered, nonconforming people. Yesterday, Teen Vogue presented seven young LGTB couples defining love right now. As always, The New Yorker’s cover is newsworthy, paying tribute with an illustration from Frank Viva who explains his inspirations on their site.

But there’s plenty to do off screen. Here in New York, home to the Gramlist, there’s a live event for everyone, but right this moment, at your desk or on your phone, you can tap into it with these eight feeds.

#loveislove #pride #pride2016 #GLTB #ProtectTransLives

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