10 Virtual Reality Brands to Follow for 3D Entertainment
10 Virtual Reality Brands to Follow for 3D Entertainment

10 Virtual Reality Brands to Follow for 3D Entertainment

Virtual Reality, aka the technology behind some of your favorite 3D digital experiences, is all the rage in 2022. You may have even heard the word ‘meta’ mansplained a time or two, which is a bit different from the VR we have come to know and love, but still runs in the same circle of our high-tech future. According to recent research, VR is one of the fastest growing technologies projected for growth throughout this year, next, and so on. We’re talking a valuation in the billions, with a b. So without further adieu, let’s check out the top tech platforms that have made us come to our senses (in more ways than one):

Snap Inc.

The OG of virtual reality is none other than Snapchat. Who knew that our adolescent Snap group chats and fun filter play actually stemmed from a lofty goal of being the world’s best camera company? With recent advancements in AR technology and partnerships with luxury brands like Prada and FarFetch, we see a *bright* future for Snap Inc.  


The mastermind team behind NVidia is on a mission – and that is to build the world’s first and best omniverse. Self-described as an “easily extensible platform for 3D design collaboration and scalable multi-GPU, real-time, true-to-reality simulation.” NVidia is not playing around – although you are sure to recognize their tech from the most popular games, digital shopping experiences, and more. 


It’s only natural that Google has made this list! Beyond the brand’s search function and filter adaptations, we experience some pretty high-touch AR with Google nearly daily, or every time you open its Maps. By using its AR function in search, you can also experience AR with any object or place in your field – creating a unique virtual experience all your own. 


In the world of VR & AR, high-tech wearables are key. Bonus points if they’re compact, chic, and a familiar design to what we experience IRL. Cheers to patented technology co. Avegant, for creating the world’s smallest LED Light Engines for AR. Like Warby Parker, but out of this world.


If you’re even slightly interested in the VR/AR situation since the onset of 2020, you’re a fan of Oculus headsets. These high-end VR gadgets were acquired by Meta this year, making a statement about how innovative they really are. Because if there’s anything we know in this wild world of tech, it’s that Zuck knows best. Kidding!

Unity Pro

One aspect of the VR space that is uber cool to us creatives is the opportunity to build your own experience. From gaming to fashion to entertainment and lifestyle, we are provided the opportunity to create our own interactive, 3D masterpieces with Unity. It’s our world, and we’re just living in it. 


Another addition to the VR/AR universe from the big leagues is Microsoft. Although it seems as if the tech giant has been playing small in this space so far, they are catching up now with a new focus on virtual reality experiences for its consumers. The HP Reverg G2 headsets blend VR and AI, making them the ideal business solution for any brand enthusiast.

Magic Leap

We’ve included Magic Leap in this roundup because it’s something huge to look forward to in the industry, launching in September of 2022. Deemed the ‘Most Immersive AR Platform for Enterprise,’ the Magic Leap is designed for professional activity at scale. Check out their shop next month, offering three different options and price points. 

World Viz

What we love about World Viz is the brand’s focus on providing VR opportunities for schools. While the company has spent the past 2 decades supporting brands to reach their VR goals in the professional space, they are now turning the tables to grow today’s creative initiatives through their PRISM technology, and collaborative software-meets-hardware solutions. 


The Wevr virtual studio platform just gets it; “it” being real-time software simulations that appeal to the likes of media giants like Warner Brothers and the New York Times, as well as icons like Deepak Chopra and Reggie Watts. You may recognize the brand from its award-winning ocean experience, TheBlu. We also love how Wevr is on the edge of Metaverse technology with its Virtual Studio setup, allowing creators to dive in and share their own 3D projects, too.

With everything going on in today’s real world, it can feel hard to keep up with the innovative technology that is expected to take over life as we know it tomorrow. If staying up-to-date in the world of tech and beyond is your thing, be sure to follow along with the platforms we recommended for all the latest news in virtual reality, augmented reality, and meta. There’s just something so inspiring about knowing we have the power to perceive our own world – and make it come to life.

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