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5 Most Polished Bridal & Wedding Hairstylists on Instagram

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is, at least tangentially, the reason a whole mess of women will be googling “best wedding hairstylists” between now and New Year’s, when the majority of America’s engagements occur. But the work—some of it truly surprisingly inventive—of these five coiffeurs can be appreciated no matter where one falls on the Cuffing continuum.

We now pronounce you well-versed in the world of wedding hair.

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Wedding hair too often relies on soft loops, loose waves and, as Ariel would say, dinglehoppers affixed with gravity-defying security to a bride’s head. Danish stylist Nina Starck is doing her best to correct that by serving up braid after geometric braid after cascading wave braid. The finished products may even be second to watching her nimbly weave them in action.

Location: Denmark

Followers: 165k


Annette’s knotted updos—her signature, we think—so resemble shiny, fluffy loaves of braided challah bread, it might explain the Pavlovian response her feed produces. The way her twisty loops are pinned, even single-color hair gets a multidimensional shine when the light hits it.

Location: Chicago, IL

Followers: 18.3k


Hate to explain one woman’s artistry by citing a woman who’s completely unrelated, but here: Steph is an expert at giving women a Lauren Conrad sort of vibe. Which is to say, whipped by Malibu ocean breeze, sunkissed by top-down drives on the PCH, and flatteringly pinned and hairsprayed so it can’t possibly misbehave.

Location: Ogden, Utah

Followers: 561k


Tola Sharon Olayanju’s Instagram biography reads, “Based in the UK(Can travel)” which hints at just how often her presence is requested internationally—by answering that question up front, her jetsetting, glamorous brides-to-be can get down to brass tacks, like, just how shiny can she make their hair? (Wow, like a high-gloss fresh paint job on a Ferrari.) How sculptural? (More volume than a Botero.) How uncontestedly timeless? (Check back in a thousand years, when this still looks flawless.)

Location: Worldwide

Followers: 41.2k


There’s nothing wrong with being the best at just one thing. The Grateful Dead made a legacy of playing one song for much too long, and Halo Top ice cream, while not particularly tasty, is a consistent 280 calories per pint, no matter what the flavor. Now, neither of these things have much to do with Russian hair wizardess Tonya Pushkareva, except that she too has monopolized one thing: the slightly-messy bun updo. It really is just one after another, on her feed, which would be boring if it weren’t so pleasing to see something just undone enough still feel finished.

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Followers: 78.1k

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