Mom Influencers to Follow for All Your Back-to-School Hacks
Mom Influencers to Follow for All Your Back-to-School Hacks

Mom Influencers to Follow for All Your Back-to-School Hacks

Ah, the sweet sound of September. Fall fashion, pumpkin-spice-everything and car scarves (you never know?) in tow, this month also brings about another trademark of the season that catches us by surprise every single year: back to school. Now, we’ve talked about the power of mom-fluence before, but any parent with tiny humans knows… there’s nothing quite like back-to-school vibes, and we will *graciously* accept all the help we can get. Tune in below for our fave mamas sharing tips and tricks that make every rushed breakfast, last minute lunchbox and kids #OOTD drama a little bit sweeter.


Ok, so we’re obsessed with Madison Rae. She had us at her insta bio, which reads, “Hot Mom to Everly & Ford & Rescue Dogs.” The NYC-based mother of two balances the whole mom/dog mom/entrepreneur thing so well, and inspires us with her very own merch line, @tribecamomsclub. We’ll be following along her city escapades for everything from parenting tips to the coolest pants to wear on a #hotmomwalk. 


Maddy Gutirezz is a Manhattan mom, digital creator, and passionate about all things fashion and beauty. Her IG reels and TikTok videos give us a healthy dose of confidence, entertainment and insightful tips from the perspective of a city-chic parent of two. Maddy’s ‘Day In The Life as an NYC Mom” videos are addicting to watch. Just when you think the movies covered it all…


If you’re seeking good vibes only in the form of parenting advice and total realness, look no further than Naomi Davis’ insta page. The mother of five (yes, you read that right) shares her adventurous lifestyle through the lens of an ephemeral aesthetic; inspiring us to get grounded, spend time with loved ones, and in nature. 


Ebony & Denis of @team2moms are inspiring parents, and their children, to let inclusivity and positivity lead the way – on social, and IRL. As their TikTok bio suggests, the mothers definitely excuse ‘CEO of Positivity’ energy in each of their videos, where they not only share entertainment and fun with their two children, but creatively break down the barriers of LGTBQ+ parenting and stigmas around multicultural families. 


Mother, entrepreneur and foodie Meg Reskinoff has us scrolling her feed for delicious recipe inspo and back-to-school hacks alike. As the co-founder of @whatsupmoms parenting network (check out their YouTube for ALL the mom guidance you can dream of) we trust her parenting style of authenticity, but also transparency. A gentle reminder that perfection is overrated, and even if the birthday cake drops, motherhood is always worth celebrating [scroll for a visual LOL.]


What is there not to love about Latham Thomas? The founder of @mamaglow, doula, soulful entrepreneur, author and a fan favorite of none other than Oprah, takes us through her journey as a mindful mama on Instagram. Last year, Latham sent her son off to his first year of college, documenting the journey as she went. Check out her IG highlights for tips!


Rachel Macy Stafford, founder of Hands Free Mama, shares with us a spiritual approach to parenthood, self care and healing that is *oh so necessary* for us to pursue our journeys as parents, without losing ourselves in the process. Rachel hosts a course called ‘SoulShift’ that encourages any individual seeking a deeper understanding of how they communicate, and how best to respond in our environments.


Best-selling author and founder of the all-encompassing parenthood brand, @happymumhappybaby, Giovanna Fletcher seems to do it all – and make it look fun! We love scoping out her social for the latest insight from her own parenting journey, as well as tuning into her podcast for hot topic Q + As with her community (a.k.a us). Whether you prefer to read an article on her site, listen closely to her pod or watch an IG reel snippet of snackable parenting advice we can actually pay attention to in-between hearing “mommm” from the other room… Giovanna has a back-to-school hack for you.


“What I Eat In a Day” style posts may seem so been there, done that  when it applies to our favorite celebs, fitness instructors, or Gwenyth Paltrow. But what hasn’t been played out? Kids edition! Winny Hayes takes to TikTok to showcase the gourmet style, yet SUPER simple recipes that any mama can make time for in the morning rush. Her healthy, delicious recipes are also featured in ‘lunchbox’ versions, for all the back-to-school inspo we never knew we needed.


Well, ‘Mom Hack TikTok’ is a thing – and you’re about to be a huge fan. Coined by ‘SuperMom’ of four, Shannon Doherty, this channel is full of DIY activities, lunchbox inspo, recipes, products and more. Inspiring 2M+ moms and counting, we’ll be scrolling Shannon’s feed for innovative content like her self-serve fridge hack and ice-cream taco recipes that parenting aside, are simply *chef’s kiss*. 

It’s always nice to know that all the things we’re feeling as mothers, parents, and humans are not so out of the ordinary. Whenever you find yourself searching for back-to-school hacks and parenting inspo that you can peep while you’re on line at the grocery store, or (fine, we’ll say it) hiding in the bathroom – check out this list, and keep these mamas on social media-speed dial 🙂

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