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Mom-fluencers: For All Of Your Parenting Adventures

Mom-fluencers: For All Of Your Parenting Adventures

There is nothing quite as close to a real-life Superpower than a Mom. And while any parent will tell you that having children and adding more members to the fam is life-changing, they don’t always tell you howLOL. There are times when as a parent, we could all use a little inspo, insight, and connection with those going through the same things that we are. ‘Parenting Adventures’, if you will! Check out our list below for mommy content creators in their own unique way – after all, they’re not regular moms. They’re cool moms 😉

Madison Mealy

This mom-fluencer is based in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband and babes, where she shows all the idyllic shots of a healthy outdoor lifestyle, and time spent as a family. Her content ranges from #famgoals photography, to captions that include transparency around what they are going through, like switching jobs later in life, making a big home move, and evolving as the family dynamic changes.

Maddie Castellano

We obsess over Hawaii-based mama, Maddie – and her two cute sons & sweet hubby on the ‘gram AND TikTok [ that would be about 1.5 million of us following along their fun journey as a family.] We love how Maddie shares insight as a parent on her page, while also showing activities on the beach that inspire us to get back to nature with our kids.

Angela Kim

Angela Kim is the mommy blogger & podcaster behind the popular page, ‘Mommy Diaries’ on social. Her aesthetic is so soothing, and her content ranges from parenting to fashion and design, life as a female entrepreneur and more.  

Mattie James

If you’re looking for how-to-do-it-all inspo, look no further than mom-fluencer Mattie James. As a mother of 3 littles, and founder of the The Mattie James Company & Bossfluence – an agency that educates other bloggers and content creators on how to succeed in their goals – Mattie is busy, to say the least. We love that she shares her life as a parent and in business in such an authentic way, expressing that it’s great to go after it all – but also ok if it doesn’t all get done in a day. 


Whether you are a parent or not, Myleik’s content will have you inspired to be the best version of yourself. She is a mother of two, founder of @CurlBox haircare and is VP on the board of Open Path Psychotherapy. Myleik is our instagram-life coach in everything motherhood, mental health, and wellness. Just scroll her feed for quick inspiration and feel-good vibrations.

Jane Parkang

Jane’s TikTok is the motherhood moment of our DREAMS. Based in Seattle, Jane has the cutest son & daughter who are always down to be a part of her content, from trying her famous ‘kid-approved green smoothie’ to singing in the background while cooking family dinner – there are many sweet videos on Jane’s page as well as content from a lens of celebrating Asian Heritage, and tips for integrating it in your life with your kids.

Karim Jones

Karim shares tips about fashion, family and also addresses social justice issues that her audience looks for her perspective on across social. With latin culture woven into Karim’s content and parenting style, we look up to her as a mother with intentional parenting skills and activities to do with your kids around the holidays, decorating, and more. 

Danielle Duboise

Danielle is a mother of two, the CEO of plant-based nutrition brand Sakara Life, and tuned into spirituality and wellness like no other. We love following along her journey with her husband and children in NYC and beyond, where Danielle shares the beautiful truths and also the real-life challenges of motherhood, striving for wellness inside and out along the way. 

Nika Diwa

Just as Nika’s insta bio proclaims, the ‘Motherhood & Marriage Reel Queen’ gives us all the entertaining and educational family content we didn’t even know we were missing. As a mother of baby girl Zizi (so cute!) and wife to husband Emeka, the two take to IG & TikTok to break down the behind-the-scenes of parenting adventures in a funny, relatable way. Yet just as much as Nika’s clips make us L O L – her & Emeka are not shy about discussing important issues that they face as a couple from different ethnicities, the conversation of race in parenting communities, and ways to stand up for yourself and for what you believe in. 

Daphne Oz

You may know her as the Emmy-winning TV host & chef, NYT best-selling author, or the daughter of Doctor Oz – but now, you’ll follow her as a mama of four kids, too. Daphne’s energy on social is just as positive & contagious as it is when she’s on the big screens, sharing her tips and tricks for cooking, healthy living, and integrating children into the joys of the kitchen. She is always up to something fun with her crew -like homemade pizza night, or family walks on the beach –  and we’re inspired to do the same!

Chriselle Lim

Chriselle is a fashion-enthusiast, content creator, entrepreneur, and most importantly, a mom. As the owner & creative director of PHLUR beauty and fragrance line, as well as the co-founder of Bumo Parenting, Chriselle has her hands full – with inspiration, inspo and her variety of content that is a leading example of how mamas can do anything, and everything. She also sets such a great example to her kids!

@ SincerelyOnyi

Working moms balancing it all is a common theme these days – and mama influencer Onyi, is one of our favorite creators who takes us through her journey in business, parenthood and life so beautifully. As a wellness advocate and travel enthusiast, we also stand behind Onyi’s POV that traveling with kids can still be a ‘vacation’ when you integrate family time and relaxation in unique ways, as well as her cheeky use of the hashtag #HotMomSummer. We’re here for it all, and can’t wait for our next trip to try out these tips.

Wherever your parenting adventures take you, there is a mama influencer to help guide your journey. From activity inspo to thought leadership in the parenting space, we will be following along the journeys of these influential parenting figures and more, to stay in-the-know and get fun ideas for our next rainy-day or family holiday. You know what they say… mother knows best.

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