Vegan Influencers Who Make Us Want To Eat Tofu
Vegan Influencers Who Make Us Want To Eat Tofu

Vegan Influencers Who Make Us Want To Eat Tofu

There’s nothing quite like being under the #vegan influence – from healthy dairy-free treats, and a plethora of colorful fruit concoctions in our newsfeed, we can all benefit from being a bit more plant-based. Whether you deem yourself a connoisseur of the vegan aisle at Whole Foods, or are currently stuck in line at In-N-Out…these top vegan influencers are sure to turn your palate around. Best read with a scoop of banana ‘Nice Cream’ nearby.


Halle Burns is our vegan TikTok queen. We’re addicted to her ASMR-esque cooking clips, featuring everything from classic vegan salad bowls to plant-based popsicles and more. Trust us – once you’re sucked into her recipes (the matcha strawberries! like?!) you will be scrolling – and cooking – for days. Plus, each recipe is simple!


We love Anjali’s take on Indian-inspired vegan cuisine. The France-based influencer shares a variety of recipes for all different occasions – like her vegan double-chocolate birthday cake that we cannot stop dreaming about. Each Reel is straightforward in showing us how to create the meal, but always includes a bit of Anjali’s satirical humor that keeps us tuned in for more.


Ahmad, aka Dr. Vegan, is a med student by day, and a vegan-recipe influencer by… well, all the other time. His recipes skew savory, and each video is short and sweet, with step-by-step ASMR tutorials for how to make whatever you’re craving. The apple donuts look like a treat that we can’t possibly mess up in the kitchen… right, doctor?


Caitlin’s journey as a vegan influencer on social began in her college days, when she realized there weren’t any veggie options on campus. From there, she decided to take to the kitchen [and to the ‘gram] to experiment on her own, and OMG are we glad she did. Her page includes quick and easy recipes for every meal, with *extra attention* on turning decadent pasta options, plant-friendly 🙂


We follow along with Danielle of Healthy Girl Kitchen on Insta for all the plant-based lifestyle inspo. Her feed will have you shopping for everything from clean eats and cruelty-free beauty. We love Danielle’s approach to healthy living from the inside-out, while considering wellness from other angles, too.


You may recognize Tabitha Brown from her vegan BLT sandwich that was a viral hit in 2017. Named the TTLA [tempeh bacon, tomato, lettuce, avocado] at Whole Foods, Tabitha has been a pioneer for fun and delicious vegan eats over the years. As a mother, actress, and vegan enthusiast after watching the documentary ‘What the Health’ years ago, we find ourselves tuned into everything Tabitha when it comes to animal-product-free living. 

Michaela Veis

Vegan influencer and entrepreneur Michaela Veis is on a mission to inspire the world to be more plant-based. With health and happiness as the focus of her content (and her cooking), you can trust that Michaela’s page will share recipes for both real-deal chefs and those new to the kitchen, as well. For more vegan inspo, be sure to check out the recipes on her meal planner app, too!


Angela Liddon is an OG vegan blogger and author in the space. As the founder of the award-winning ‘Oh She Glows’ blog, cookbooks, and of course – social media presence, we have been along for the plant-based ride. If you’re looking for where to start with Angela’s recipes, look no further than her vegan cinnamon rolls or literally anything with her ‘beloved butternut squash’. Bake now, thank us later.


Vegan chef, best-selling author, and TV personality – basically, what can’t Gaz Oakley do?! We love this UK-based influencer’s content for everything plant-based and authentic, which reigns true at Gaz’s locally sourced and organic pop-up restaurant, Nana O’s. If you like what you see, you have to check out his YouTube channel next, where he hosts his own cooking show with over a million subscribers. NBD.


If you’ve ever ventured out on your own vegan journey, you have likely come across the Hawaii mama of two on Instagram, Andy. This vegan influencer has paved the way for many content creators to share their passions and love for healthy, plant-based recipes way before oat milk was a thing at Starbucks. We will always accredit our obsession with bold-hued smoothies and a healthy dose of coconut-anything to Andy and her family’s favorite eats. 

As you can see, vegan influence is beyond what’s on your plate, and more about how you live your life. So the next time you have the option to choose plant-based at your favorite restaurant, or opt for cruelty-free, clean products for your vanity, look to this list for inspo. The planet thanks you for it 🙂

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