50 & Up: Older Influencers Taking Over TikTok
50 & Up: Ageless Influencers Taking Over TikTok

50 & Up: Ageless Influencers Taking Over TikTok

If you read our Top 40 Over 40 article, you know that age is just a number – and for this group of powerhouse women taking over TikTok’s 50-plus scene, it’s a number to be proud of. With niche content across everything from health and wellness to fashion and beauty, these women are paving the way for radical self-acceptance and joy, regardless of how far along you are on your journey. Whether you’re 17 or 71, check out our favorite TikTok stars showcasing how colorful life is, even in a cool shade of grey. 


This ageless beauty is taking on taboo topics in a fresh, fun and entertaining way. Important and relevant discussions that are happening on more traditional news outlets and forums around politics, social justice and feminism are just as pertintent to the younger, yet hyper-engaged audience that is TikTok’s demographic. We’re here for the modern dances, women’s rights POV videos, and of course – the occasional lipstick tutorial that Neesha shares on her feed. 


When it comes to 50+ content, Sheila nails it – but what we love about her TikTok is that the advice, encouragement and entertainment applies to anyone, of any age. Sheila’s direct-to-camera style videos answering her audience’s burning questions (20-something’s write in all the time, BTW!) cover everything from dating and anti-aging to wellness. Her biggest tip? It’s not anti-aging, it’s amazing aging…if you start smart with your health journey 😉


You may recognize Kim and her grandma Gail from your FYP, or maybe their podcast titled, ‘Excuse My Grandma’ as well – either way, we’re here for the multi-generational entertainment. The way that Kim integrates her Gram into her lifestyle in NYC, routines and invites her to participate in the latest TikTok trends for fun (you HAVE to see Grandma’s POV on Gen-Z slang in this video, here) is nothing short of, well – #grandmagoals.


Tammy Harris of ‘Fashion at Any Age’ blog & TikTok screams confidence in every video. We especially love the way that she pursues her passion for style and GRWM videos for women close in age, but without the caveat that these looks are for those ‘Over 50’. Sometimes, age is just a number – and it’s totally up to you if you want to highlight it.


Everyone knows that white hair is CHIC. Take the late Karl Lagerfeld, or Iris Apfel, or Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly. Sorry not sorry, still an icon. 50+ TikTok personality, yoga teacher & health influencer Lynn takes aging gracefully to a whole new level. Her tips and tricks for health and wellness at any age are intriguing – but beyond that, she does an amazing job of hopping on relevant platform trends and syncing them with her personal brand to provide us the most value. Basically, she’s got TikTok unlocked.


Take it from Elisa’s bio – “What doesn’t kill make you makes you a rockstar.” Her signature long, un-dyed grey hair is often used as the catalyst for larger-scale conversations around aging, mindset and positivity on social media. Elisa sets the stage for women of any age, especially over 50, to let go of unrealistic standards and society’s judgment, and go forward with wearing, saying and doing what makes YOU feel your best – grey locks, and all 🙂


Carla is all about high-fashion, and high-energy. By celebrating self expression through accessories, beauty and BTS runway opportunities – Carla is a great example that aging is as fun as it is inevitable – and it’s getting us excited to see where her beauty tutorials and complimentary color 101s take us. 


Ok – Jennifer’s account, “The Style Equation” may very well be our favorite fearless 50 and up account on TikTok. Her content ranges from customized niche advice for women of all ages and body types, to the sweetest content of Jennifer experimenting with trending songs and concepts. Because her genre of niche body-positive styles is so custom to her audience, her engagement is high and the comments section is all smiles. 


Samantha’s page radiates fun and positive energy  in every video. LOVE her makeup tips for any age, as well! As a successful content creator, Samantha is always shouting out her favorite brands – giving us girls the full details of what makes her Kosas foundation really stick (hint – it’s not a beauty blender!) along with looks styled in front of her signature Beverly Hills hotel-esque backdrop. 


Ana’s page is all style, for all ages – from classic #OOTD posts to more situational style moments to inspire you (think: Valentine’s Day looks, date nights, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibes). Her most popular content theme features her ‘elegant’ looks, and thankfully her clips are often shoppable, so we’re never left wondering where she got her goods – we just add to cart.


If you’re looking for support from your TikTok ‘fairy godmother’ about everything from health and hormonal changes as we age, to dating and marriage advice – look no further than Tamsen Fadal. Tamsen’s content is the kind of authentic you can feel through the phone, and she’s not interested in just surviving through her fifties and beyond – she’s THRIVING, and she wants you to, as well. Ladies having trouble expressing themselves with their partner – send Tamsen’s ‘husbands listen up!’ video their way to start the convo in a cheeky way. 

There you have it – the best of the bunch across women who are fearlessly female, advocates of aging and standing as examples to younger generations on TikTok that by establishing confidence at a young age is imperative to having that positive attitude this collective shares on the platform. As Sheila says, it’s not about ‘anti-aging’ – it’s about setting yourself up for success no matter how old you are, and asking yourself the hard questions, like – “is this how I want to feel? And if not, what am I going to do about it?” We’re excited to see what the future has in store.

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