Brands that Rule Luxury TikTok in 2022
Brands that Rule Luxury TikTok in 2022

Brands that Rule Luxury TikTok in 2022

The brands that get it, get it… and the brands that don’t, don’t. Luxury brands, that is – on the trend-setting platform of the moment, TikTok. From innovative marketing campaigns to influencer activations, exclusive content and runway-worthy looks, we’re obsessed with the high-end fashion houses ruling TikTok in a low-key way that Gen-Z & Millennials are craving. Read on for our top list of those to watch on ‘Tok:


As one of the first luxury brands to kick off content on the platform, Gucci has established itself as a mainstay amongst its audiences in every category on TikTok: couture, beauty, eyewear and footwear to name a few. Gucci blends its strategies, using both paid campaigns and organic marketing tactics across TikTok, alike to its wider social presence as well.


Moncler is definitely amongst the luxury brands that ‘get it’ on TikTok. Marketing 101 – meet the customer where they’re at; and we love how Moncler took to that notion, by optimizing brand goals with trending ‘challenges’ on the platform. Remember the #MonclerBubbleUp Challenge? Same. That, alongside the brand’s way of reaching relevancy with new audiences, like in the gaming community by introducing Moncler Skins for Fornite, we’d have to give this luxury co. 5 stars.

Louis Vuitton

When it comes to classic & timeless luxury in a modern way, Louis Vuitton takes the cake – especially on TikTok. The brand has launched strategic partnerships on the platform like its #LVandNike campaign, as well as endless influencer collaborations with top-tier talent like Emma Stone, Sophie Turner, Eileen Gu, Chloe Grace Moretz, and more. It’s also been interesting to see the season’s styles across TikTok in a visual, editorial fashion – with #LVMenFW22 gathering millions of impressions per post.


We’ll always love luxury brand Valentino – and with their latest partnership with TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio, we love their fresh approach to the platform (and its fave influencers) even more. By working with trending songs and the authentic, short and witty clips native to the platform, Valentino is able to expand its reach across a younger demographic and create an experience where us – The Scrollers, if you will – are enjoying a mini-fashion show across its most notable hashtags.


As a style pioneer in more ways than one, Dior has showcased its innovative nature yet again, through its 2021 Paris fashion show debuted on TikTok. The brand has taken its traditional talent partnerships, and recreated the storylines and opportunities to give models like Cara Delevingne, JISOO, and Sharon Alexie a time to shine with their own voices and personalities behind the brand on social. We also love the variety of Dior beauty, apparel & men’s fashion content on TikTok, as well.


LoveShackFancy, which has inherently been the luxury-big-sister to brands like Free People & For Love and Lemons, yet still a touch away from Australian label Zimmerman – has taken the runway in its own right, as a high-end brand ruling TikTok. What can we say, the boho-chic label just gets it! From strategic partnerships with top performing talent (hi, Olivia Ponton) to recreating dreamy scenes including its Melrose Place flagship and event-ready looks for the Met, LoveShackFancy is doing it right.


A brand with many firsts, Balmain was the first luxury brand to broadcast its show on the Seine, using the hashtag @Balmainseine to attract and gather its community on TikTok during the event. Not only did the couture show livestream on platform from Paris’ signature river, but the brand also made it a core focus to support the BLM movement through its show, and across its audiences on social.


To know Jacquemus, is to love Jacquemus – or at least that’s what the engagement rates are saying. But seriously – this high-end brand is taking to TikTok for contemporary ways to present timeless French fashion in a new way on social media. Throwback to Jacquemes’ iconic brand video, recreating Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ music video with its infamous mini bags, The Chiquito. Love to see a brand having fun & being cheeky on TikTok 😉

JW Anderson

London-based luxury brand, JW Anderson, is absolutely crushing the content capture moments for its products on TikTok. With less voiceovers and celebrity partnerships than its chic fashion maison counterparts, JW Anderson’s TikTok features fun, upbeat content with minimalist sounds, and super thoughtful video editing skills and angles that leave us thinking … is that Bumper Bag really made out of just balloons?!


Fendi’s TikTok bio shares its brand motto that we have come to absorb across magazine pages and namesake social handles alike: Creativity, Fun & Craftsmanship since 1925. The engagement rate within Fendi’s community is unparalleled to other luxury brands of its caliber – although, its content tends to scale back to traditional editorial vibes, we look forward to seeing how Fendi taps into its audience to grow and expand the brand with video content.

High-end, high-vibe and taking over our TikTok feeds as we know it. It’s incredible to see from both a marketing perspective and a huge fan of the platform, how brands are making short-form content of their own, and looking to work outside of the celebrity-shell to form relationships with content creators who we are so familiar with now more than ever. Cheers to the good life – on and off our screens. 

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