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Not All Influence Is Created Equal

Not All Influence Is Created Equal

In fact, a lot of it isn’t actually influence at all. No machine can create it. No robot or algorithm can package it correctly. Influence is the ability to shape thoughts, feelings and decisions. You can’t touch it – not on a billboard, glossy magazine or pop up ad. Influence isn’t created by “likes” and “comments.” It comes from the tastemakers of tomorrow using social to share, connect and inspire, daily.

In order to be truly successful, influencer and content creators need to:

Connect organically

A content creator’s greatest strength is their authenticity. Allowing an influencer to lead the conversation in a way that resonates with their audience is key to effective branded communication.

Generated 16 Panera “tribes” that speak to vertical subsets, including vegan, protein-lovers, gluten-free, and more

Reach new audiences 

Organic discovery strategies are limited to what platforms allow, but partnering cross-brand or cross-category can open up an entirely new audience segment.

Engaged top-performing drag queens to “Shop Like a Queen” with Klarna

Develop direct, long-term brand relationships

Constant one-hit sponsored posts don’t feel natural and disrupt a content creator’s feed. Longtail partnerships offer consistency and natural alignment.

50% of creators continue their relationships with Nutrafol post-campaign, attending events and participating in social takeovers

We don’t broker ads. We spark conversations between niche creators across the globe and the brands who seek to engage with their audiences. We ensure that content creators speak to their followers in a way that feels true to their aesthetic and voice and ladders up to their values and POV.

Social studies has worked with a wide spectrum of content creators, from 1000 followers to 1 million, based upon the needs of our clients.

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