Celebrating Trans & Non-binary Influence: Fashion Edition - Social Studies
Celebrating Trans & Non-binary Influence: Fashion Edition

Celebrating Trans & Non-binary Influence: Fashion Edition

We love June. The sun is shining, summer is unfolding, but the *biggest* reason it’s our favorite time of year, is that June marks a month of celebration in the LGBTQIA+ community, and beyond. At Social Studies, we’re here for inclusivity and the trans & non-binary influence all-year round, but especially during this month where we highlight voices in these communities even extra 🙂 Check out some of our favorite LGBTQIA+ fashion influencers, below:

Emira D’spain | @  XoXoEmira

Although Emira’s content is primarily beauty-focused, she also features her fabulous outfits across Instagram & TikTok [where her community is nearly at 1M!] As the first Black trans woman and model to ever work with Victoria’s Secret, onboarded to the brand in 2022, we find Emira an inspiration to the trans community within beauty, style, wellness and more.

Alok Menon | @ AlokVMenon

Alok is a super talented, multi-hyphenate creator; they are an acclaimed author, poet, mixed-media artist, and speaker who identifies as gender-nonconforming and is also an advocate for gender-less fashion. We love how they express themselves through style, but also speech – with one of our favorite reels including their POV on the value of the trans community breaking gender norms and how inclusivity benefits everyone, even outside of the LGBTQIA+ space.

Jamie Windust | @ Jamie_Windust

Jamie Windust’s page is always as entertaining as it is inspiring. The non-binary author, broadcaster, and model is a contributing editor at Gay Times, and edits their own magazine featuring interviews from LGBTQIA+ creators and talent. From their self-deprecating humor to unparalleled self expression on the ‘gram, we’ll be following Jamie’s style journey forever.

Radam Ridwan | @RadamRidwan

Digital creator Radam is a London-based non-binary creator and model, who’s fashion content is bold, bubbly and colorfully fun. We love how Radam takes to Instagram to share their stylish looks and personal aesthetic, while leveraging caption copy to address issues in the LGBTQIA+ space online, human rights, and more – such as the dangers of ‘rainbow washing’ on social from brands during pride month, and what it means to be an activist – and how to express your views.

Kenny Ethan Jones | @KennyEthanJones

Kenny is a self identified trans man, and talent creative as a writer, influencer and advocate across menstruation, body politics, mental health and initimacy. His media recognition came about when he was signed on as the first trans man to be a part of a period campaign for Pink Parcel, which Kenny credits to kickstarting his journey as an advocate in the LGBTQIA+ community. Throughout all of his content, leads his impeccable style – definitely much to be inspired by on his page!

Ceval | @ Ceval 

Ceval is a true influencer of fashion, class and poise – with content ranging from casual looks while traveling, to red carpet numbers and magazine covers – we are obsessed with the variety in looks on Ceval’s IG. In addition, Ceval always includes posts about topics and initiatives that she cares about, woven between glamour shots which make for a great follow in our feed.

AJ Clementine | @ AJ_Clementine 

Dreamy fashion and beauty influencer AJ Clementine rewrote her story as a content creator on social, and serves as an inspiration to all creators who have dealt with negativity, exclusivity, and judgement and are looking to persevere in their uniqueness. As a trans woman, AJ shares her personal story on reels of how although she has been creating beauty and fashion content online for years, it wasn’t until recently when she transitioned that she feels authentically herself- and positivity that we can all see under her influence. 

Triple Minor | @ TripleMinor

Fashion influencer ‘Triple Minor’ on TikTok shares the most fun and eventful #OOTDs with their audience on social. As a non-binary creator featured in Refinery29 & InStyle online, Triple Minor’s content continues to serve original, creative looks to everyone looking to elevate their wardrobe game. 

Zaya Wade | @Zaya Wade

This 14 year old LGBTQIA+ activist is a model, teen fashion guru, and the eldest daughter of NBA legend Dwayne Wade – however, her influence is under her own namesake. As a young trans woman in the public eye, she represents how finding your own niche, expressing yourself and building a supportive community is so important in the creative space.

Rain Dove | @ RainDoveModel

We love Rain’s mantra of ‘no labels’ that is present across their content on social and IRL experiences as a fashion model and LGBTQIA + activist. They recognize themselves as a “human in fashion, film and activism”with the supportive message of #EducateDon’tHate, which is more important now, than ever in our society. Their approach to authentic style and activism has us tuned into Rains’ content, and their community. 

We hope you feel as inspired by these influencers who have shaken up social with their fashion-forward content, creative expression and personalities that remind us the importance of highlighting underrepresented voices not only during Pride Month, but 365 days a year <3

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