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Celebrity Piercers

From helixes to conches, daiths, and traguses (oh my!), if there’s a space on the ear, there’s a name and a piercing for it. Enter the #CuratedEar trend, in which multiple delicate piercings are elevated to masterpieces. Here are a few of Instagram’s most beloved piercers.

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J. Colby Smith

📍Location: Brooklyn, NY & Los Angeles, CA |📊 Followers: 39,166


Cassi Lopez of @newyorkadorned

📍Location: New York, NY |📊Followers: 31,925


Perry M. Doig of @rosegoldsf

📍Location: San Francisco, CA |📊Followers: 22,906


Ben Tauber of @maria_tash

📍Location: New York, NY |📊Followers: 60,042


Nate Janke of @saintsabrinas

📍Location: Minneapolis, MN |📊Followers: 10,607


Brian Keith Thompson

📍Location: Los Angeles, CA |📊Followers: 44,499


Stephanie Anders of @royalheritagetattoo

📍Location: Los Angeles, CA | 📊 Followers: 6,372


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