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Faux Fur Brands Worth Your Follow

In additional to a mere fashion statement, faux fur is a trend that offers a chance to be ethically-minded, do your part for the environment and protect cute animals. A sartorial triple threat: win-win-win for everyone! What more could you ask for this winter? The following nine faux fur brands should provide more than enough fodder for your winter wardrobe inspo.

Followers: 4,833

Engagement: 1.32%

30-Day Growth: .88% (+16)

Known for: Faux fur for both the home and closet

Followers: 8,442

Engagement: 6.97%

30-Day Growth: 1.2% (+148)

Known for: Continental style

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When happy hour turns into happy hours #apparisian

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Followers: 11,347

Engagement: 3.68%

30-Day Growth: 44.29% (+3.5k)

Known for: NYC faux fur with a distinctly Parisian vibe

Followers: 13,262

Engagement: 1.11%

30-Day Growth: -0.82% (-110)

Known for: A contemporary take on faux fur

Followers: 25,252

Engagement: 3.3%

30-Day Growth: 30.29% (+5.9k)

Known for: PETA’s pick for best faux fur brand of last year

Followers: 27,438

Engagement: 1.28%

30-Day Growth: 65.51% (+10.9k)

Known for: Faux fur and real leather

Followers: 51,036

Engagement: 0.91%

30-Day Growth: 16.31% (+27.2k)

Known for: A carefree Australian POV

Followers: 81,323

Engagement: .52%

30-Day Growth: 1.97% (+1.6k)

Known for: Winter accessories


Followers: 173,107

Engagement: 1.7%

30-Day Growth: 49% (+56.9k)

Known for: British irreverence, and whimsical hand drawn touches.

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