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Guest Editor: BIKYNI x The Gramlist

The swimwear brand BIKYNI just launched in May but the chic, simple suits have already become something of an obsession among beach-bound editors, stylists, and anyone who wants to mix and match for one price. We caught up with the CEO and Co-Founder, Jude Al-Khalil, to peer through her lens of perfect summertime inspiration. Follow her @BIKYNI.

In her own words: “Ever since the addition of Instagram’s “Explore” page this year, life hasn’t been the same. It’s so easy to get sucked into an hour-long scrolling session discovering new accounts to follow – which is a blessing and a curse for my professional life.

I take social media pretty seriously at BIKYNI because it’s been so instrumental to the brand, so I appreciate when others do too. Here’s my Gramlist of feeds I can’t get enough of for every occasion.”

When I need to be creative or am looking for inspiration:

When I need to get the perfect shot:

When I need to get away:

For keeping me in the LA-loop…

For when lunch time comes around:

And last but not least, when you’re having a bad day:

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