Guest Editor: Tappan Collective x The Gramlist - Social Studies

Guest Editor: Tappan Collective x The Gramlist

Tappan Collective truly is the art gallery of the future. Instead of setting up shop in an expensive, impersonal building filled with out-of-reach works, Tappan is leveraging the openness and reach of the Internet, offering limited-edition works from emerging artists. It’s a great way to start building your own collection, but if that’s not in the cards just yet, you can at least build your Instagram feed. Here, co-founder Chelsea Neman Nassib shares who she has her eye on.


Instagram has become something of a treasure hunt, leafing through an endless supply of content: fashion, art, food, travel, babies, bridesmaids, stories, products, Burning Man costumes, you name it… but every so often, we find treasures. Someone doing everything everyone else is doing in a special and thoughtful way. These people are artists in their own right and this is my list of gems.

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