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Mental Health Apps We Can’t Live Without

Mental Health Apps We Can’t Live Without

Tis’ the season for uncomfortable family dinners, plus-1 wedding invitations and leaving Aunt Lucille on read after she asked, for the fifth time this month, if you’re dating anyone that has a real job yet. Caring for your mental health is no joke, and around this time of year it can be challenging to process emotions and connections with a lot of outside noise – so, to help guide our way towards peace of mind, we’ve collected the best Instagram accounts where wellness comes first, so you can stress less.

Headspace | @headspace

Let’s just say Headspace is the Britney. The Naomi. The Gwyneth. The pioneer in its industry of all things meditation and mindfulness made palatable to a generation – correction, species – that simply can’t get off their devices to sit still. So with Headspace, you can do both. Perhaps you’re familiar with the app’s notable Australian voice-over, or you’ve seen your friends screenshot the brand’s classic“How Many Minutes I Meditated” cover photo and add it to their Instagram Stories for accountability. If you’re looking for simple motivation to start your meditation or mindfulness practice, look no further than Headspace. But just like our original line up of favorite ‘firsts’, it surely won’t be the last in meditation available at your fingertips.

Calm | @calm

Although Calm is similar to Headspace in its offerings of guided meditations in an instant, the brand’s roots are actually in sleep health, and meditations around how to enhance that aspect of your wellness routine. Mental wellness and high-quality sleep are very much intertwined, as we all can reflect on a time or two when a stressful argument, big work project or anxiety has prevented us from having a healing night’s sleep. Follow along Calm’s feed for mini-meditations you can do in the midst of your daily scroll to reset, recharge & unwind wherever you are.

Sanvello | @sanvellohealth

Considered the #1 app to reduce stress, anxiety and depression with over 3 million users, Sanvello continues to be a trusted source for personal development. The app features tools like Daily Mood check-ins, guided journeys in the form of audio affirmations, as well as coaching services and therapeutic support to help its audience feel their best from the inside, out.

Insight Timer | @insighttimer

Women-led, FREE, & inclusive of some of our favorite influencer’s very own meditations (hello, Giselle & Russel Brand) Insight Timer is the ideal destination for when you are seeking meditations for luxury sleep, less stress & thought-provoking inspiration. The Insight Timer insta feed is flowing with health and wellness content – from mindfulness quotes and yoga tips, to *gentle reminders* to just breathe. Exhale, anyone?

Superhuman App | @superhumanapp

Created by wellness influencer & meditation teacher Mimi Bouchard, the Superhuman App & Insta is designed to do just that: empower you to feel like the Super-version of yourself. We love that the Superhuman meditations are not confined to a serene, seated pillow style with your eyes closed and your hands in ‘om’ (although we do love that kind, too!) Mimi’s approach to finding peace in your everyday life is to actually meet you where you already are – whether it be walking, cooking, writing, chillin’ & more. There’s no excuse to not give yourself a well-deserved dose of self care with this much variety.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s a great reminder to take a pause IRL (and mid-scroll) to breathe deep, check-in and feel grateful for anything and anyone in your life that makes it an adventure. After all, if you’re prioritizing your wellness – from sleep, mindset to movement and goal setting – you invite others to do the same, and can show up as the best version of YOU 🙂 And that’s something to be thankful for. 

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