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Female-Founded Wellness Start-Ups

Female-Founded Wellness Start-Ups

With a myriad of health and wellness tech startups popping up over the last few years, it’s hard to single out which ones are worth your time (and money). Lucky for you – we are here to suss out which ones are living up to the hype. Not only do these five startups focus on personalized and holistic health options, they are also all FEMALE FOUNDED and led… and as a company with a predominantly female team, we at Social Studies love to endorse woman-founded business whenever possible. Scroll for our top 5 favorite female-founded wellness start-ups.

Parsley Health I @parsleyhealth

In 2016, Dr. Robin Berzin saw a serious problem in the healthcare market’s approach to comprehensive health and she set out to fix it. Parsley Health focuses on a holistic approach to wellness looking deeper into the patient’s lifestyle, family history and health goals. It is a completely personalized approach to healthcare and we are HERE for it.

Modern Fertility I @modernfertility

Want to avoid the tedious trek to the doctors office? Modern Fertility, founded in 2017 by Afton Vechery and Carly Harrington, allows women to take fertility tests in the comfort of their own home. The tests are sent directly to the patients and gives women the opportunity to learn more about their bodies without having to consult (an astronomically expensive) specialist. Efficient AND cost effective, what more could you ask for?

Tia I @asktia

What started off as a zero-cost information app, is now a life-changing clinic based in NYC. Said app Tia is helping women solve issues relating to their bodies and minds everyday. Tia provides a safe and inclusive space for women and gives them tailored healthcare advice. The founders Felicity Yost and Carolyn Witte openly credit marketing on Instagram as the catalyst that launched their business into such a success which we at SSi love to hear.

Maven Clinic I @mavenclinic

If you have a family or are thinking about starting one any time soon Maven clinic is 100 percent for you. Maven is the largest virtual clinic which focuses primarily on women’s reproductive health in a holistic way. You can get on demand, video advice from the best health care providers. Not only do they assist with fertility and pregnancy but  they even provide parenting resources. It is a fantastic platform and you should definitely look into it (even investor Reese Witherspoon gives it her seal of approval)!

Thrive Global I @thrive

Everything Arianna Huffington touches turns to gold. Thrive Global is Huffington’s hugely successful company which strives to help end anxiety and burn out. This ‘burnout epidemic’ is not only felt by individuals but also by companies, Thrive has the tools to help groups of all different sizes. You can even download the Thrive app which allows its users to learn coping skills on the go. How efficient is that !

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