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The Best ‘Sex and the City’ Tribute Accounts

If Cynthia Nixon’s run for Governor of New York state has taught us anything about the current state of the Union, it’s that Sex and the City is just as beloved and culturally significant now as it was upon its debut twenty years ago last month. In honor of Miranda and her friends in 2018 (because let’s be real, we’re all about being the Miranda), here’s the best SATC tribute accounts on Instagram.

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Sex and the Astrology

 New York, NY



Every Outfit on Sex & the City

 New York, NY



Dan Clay

 New York, NY



Sex and the City Lines

 New York, NY



What better way to show your appreciation for both Miranda Hobbes and Cynthia Nixon’s campaign than to sport this limited-edition run of the latter’s ‘I’m a Miranda‘ tee?

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