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Top 10 Accounts to Follow for New York Fashion Week

Top 10 Accounts to Follow for New York Fashion Week

It’s that time of year again: When the sidewalks of New York become flooded with fashion hopefuls and those who actually work in the industry…and when the rest of us become glued to our social feeds to follow along with every detail of New York Fashion Week. With a triumphant return to in-person events this year, we suggest you prep your Instagram by adding these 10 accounts to your following lists for a cohesive BTS experience, without ever leaving your couch. From talented makeup artists to the DJs spilling the tea on the hottest parties, take note.

@isaaclikes_ | Isaac Hindin-Miller

If you’re not a fashion editor, the best friend of a power publicist, a C-list celebrity or an overall cool person, you probably don’t get invites to fashion week parties. Especially ones where Issac Hindin-Miller (aka Isaaclikes_) is DJing. Luckily for average New Yorkers, this insider is all about sharing the wealth—as in, he’s recently been in the habit of posting details on the must-attend soirees of the week. While it’s still up to you to actually get past the iPad-wielding door person, at least you now know when to linger outside of Le Bain and The Jane (yes, those spots are cool again) in your most stylish ‘fit.

@itsmetinx | Christina Najjar

The internet’s big sister is quick to admit that she’s not a fashion influencer by any means. But she has been extremely down-to-earth (and conciousable) about the experience of being invited to fashion shows as a social media darling, from shouting out fashion interns as the backbone of the entire week to bringing her followers along as she goes to fittings with Tory Burch and Ulla Johnson. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to roll up to fashion shows in a black car, dressed in designer garb, here ya go!

@lpeopleswagner | Lindsay Peoples Wagner

Lindsay Peoples Wagner, the Editor-in-Chief of The Cut, has emerged as a prominent voice in terms of calling out racism in the fashion industry. Not only is she the founder of Black in Fashion Council, which serves to encourage the advancement of Black individuals in fashion and beauty, but she wrote a must-read story in 2018 on the difficult reality of being a person of color in the industry. While her personal preference for wearing Bottega Veneta, The Row and Prada is #goals to say the least, her IG is an empowering, insightful account to follow if you want to elevate your NYFW consumption beyond street style eye candy and (we’ll admit it) boring runway boomerangs.

@mrstreetpeeper | Phil Oh

Phil Oh has been one of Vogue’s go-to street style photographers for what feels like forever. And we get why: His pics of seasoned style stars and unassuming individuals with damn good taste never feel boring. They all have the sort of artistic spin that doesn’t feel contrived or overdone, but still totally stands out from the snaps captured by the rest of the pack. And if you’ve made it onto his IG page (or in his Vogue Runway slideshows), you can trust that you’re a bonafide fashion person. Congrats.

@davidkoppelaar | David Koppelaar

If you’ve already been following Pat McGrath on IG for fashion makeup inspo, congrats, you’ve got the baseline covered. But take your feed one step further by adding David Koppelaar to your Following list. This incredible talent puts the Artist (yes, capital A) in makeup artist. His impeccable use of pigments makes each model’s face look like a work of art—and it will be worth the wait to see which shows he brings his touch to this season.

@gabriellek_j | Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

As a stylist and editor extraordinaire for Vogue in many countries and WSJ, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson is seriously hard at work during this time of year. Attending shows is only part of the job—she’s often styling shoots in between with dresses that were debuted on the runway only days before. Not to mention, she has a star-studded crew of friends, including the Hadid sisters, making her IG stories feel undeniably insider-y. Which is our preferred take on fashion content anyways. 

@bureaubetak | Bureau Betak

While show-goers often complain about having to schlepp all around the city and often venture into *gasp* Brooklyn, sometimes the show space makes it all worth it. Especially when Bureau Betak is designing and producing such shows. This “anything is possible” design team, led by Alexandre de Betak, has turned a run-of-the-mill show into iconic experiences for brands including Christian Dior, Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, Fendi, Rodarte, Chloé and so on. So this follow is as much for the decor buffs as it is the fashion obsessed.

@tokibunbun & @fernandogarciam1205 | Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia

Yes, these are technically two different accounts, but together Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia make up the duo behind Oscar de la Renta. And they’ve done a stellar job of breathing new life into the legendary brand following the passing of the eponymous designer. But on their personal feeds they’re proving something else entirely: They might be having more fun than any other fashion designers in New York. From their frequent parties with fellow fashion stars and general influencers to their BTS snaps of ODLR shows and shoots, they’re delivering high-brow fashion content that feels easily digestible.

@jinsoonchoi | Jin Soon Choi

One detail that often gets lost during a fashion show is the nail art sported by each and every model. And 7 times out of 10 Jin Soon Choi has lacquered up that design. She’s been an editorial nail artist for so long that she now has her own range of polishes and a few sleek nail salons but she’s remained a go-to for designers like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. Not to mention, over the years of being on-set and backstage, she’s become BFFs with mega models, so her NYFW videos and pics are always FOMO-inducing.

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