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Truly-Margarita Launches with Influencer

Truly-Margarita Launches with Influencer

Truly celebrates life’s adventures that are just around the corner – waiting to be opened – just like a can of their beloved 100 calorie Hard Seltzer. In early 2022, Truly launched their Margarita-Style Hard Seltzer, with the intention of building momentum around the newest offering with a robust marketing campaign that stressed how a summertime-only Margarita-style beverage can go beyond a seasonal favorite to become a go-to, anytime drink of choice. 

The Strategy. 

Truly partnered with Social Studies to strategize, produce and execute a comprehensive influencer activation. The campaign was designed to support and prioritize the larger marketing narrative while delivering increased awareness around the product, general brand awareness and purchase consideration amongst its target audience: adventurous and open-minded US-based individuals aging 25 years and older. 

Social Studies curated a niche set of 19 creators ranging in audience size from 20k-100k to create content inspired by a brief that offered 2 creative recommendations; (1) ‘Margaritas for Any Occasion’ that leaned into the Truly Margarita-Style Mix Pack being the go-to drink for any and every season and (2) a ‘Slice of Summer’ centered around National Margarita Day on February 22nd, encouraging creators to step out into the cold to re-create their ultimate summer-time oasis while enjoying Truly Margarita. All influencers were required to share 1 reel, 1 in-feed static image and 2 sets of Instagram stories (each containing 3 frames in total) to their Instagram accounts tagging the brand @truly and using the campaign hashtag and sponsorship disclosure #TrulyMargs and #TrulyPartner.

The Results.

Trusting that the meticulously selected influencers are experts in developing content that resonates best with their audience and empowering them to utilize a brief as a creative suggestion rather than a rigid blueprint proved to be an effective strategy. The Truly Margarita creator program delivered a total of 76 social assets, garnering over 1,048,579 organic impressions, exceeding a set 234,000 goal by a staggering 448%. Social Studies supplemented its data collection report with a post-campaign sentiment analysis conducted through analyzing over 1,309 comments and reporting an impressive 99.9% positive sentiment across all campaign content.

As predicted, reels outperformed static in-feed images significantly by generating 2 times as many impressions and micro-creators with follower sizes ranging between 10-20k, proved to deliver the top performing content. 

The tremendous success of the Truly Margarita organic influencer campaign was not only the result of engaging branded content, but due to partnering with the type of creator that would drive conversions among the brand’s target audience with a style of content that felt native relative to the influencer’s established platform. 

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